Andray Blatche

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Andray Blatche

I know there isn't alot of love for Blatche on this forum but how has he looked for Brooklyn so far this season ? He has been getting a few minutes...

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His FG % is horrible (about

His FG % is horrible (about 33%), but he rebounds nicely (6.2 in just 17 minutes).

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Looks about the same as he did for the Wizards from what I've seen. Good scorer at times but inconsistent overall. Has not won the starting job from Humphries.

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He looks long and athletic

He looks long and athletic out there. He's grabbing boards. But he is also shooting the ball a ton and doing it very badly. It has really been kind of amazing that for a team with all this supposed offensive talent, that Blatche seems to regard himself as first option on offense when he is out there. On a per 36 minute basis he is averaging 15 field goal attempts per game. To put that in perspective, last season Lebron and Durant averaged 18 FGA per 36. And it isn't just that Blatche seems to regard himself in such a high manner. He is getting lots of plays called for him and getting fed the ball in the post. Of course, there is no double team coming and he then goes to work, with predictable disasterous results.

If he could just hang around the rim and catch and finish lob passes, I think he could help on offense. But the role of first option that he is currently filling is just crazy. I have no idea what Avery Johnson is thinking allowing this to happen and in fact, it seems, encouraging this with play calls for Blatche.

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