Aminu or Monroe?

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Aminu or Monroe?

Who is the better nba prospect?

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They are different players, Aminu is more a SF and Monroe a PF and even center in small lineups.
aminu has the edge in the athletic department and Monroe is a bit more skilled, monstly in the high post.

i would take monroe at 5 th pick , Aminu at 6th

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I think Aminu is amazing he

I think Aminu is amazing he is sweet so is Monroe though

They r different players Monroe is a better shooter but Aminu is better at rebounding and Defense

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hard to compare

Aminu is a combo forward whereas Monroe is a big-man.

Aminu could end up like Prince, and Monroe could end up like Bosh.

But I would say Aminu could end up as a bust if in a bad system, but Monroe is more likely to be a role player as worst.

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I dont think Monroe will be

I dont think Monroe will be a Bosh not as athletic. They are tall and left handed thats about it. Aminu is pretty polished offensively, I think he could be really good.

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Monroe is much more polished offensively. Aminu I would still take though; much more athletic and is a LOCKDOWN defender. He will take away the other teams best player if a 2 guard or a SF. Or even a Michael Beasley type power forward. Not saying Beasley's better then wade, but PF that are skilled on the outside and undersized.

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