American Airlines survey

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American Airlines survey

LeBron may be the face of the franchise now but I still believe that Wade is the franchise. Wade was actually drafted to the team and won a ring without LeBron, besides however many more championships the Heat win Wade will always have 1 up on LeBron if he continues to play for them.

In about 15+ years if Miami decides to have a player statue, would you prefer to have LeBron over Wade or Wade over LeBron?

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It depends on their futures

It depends on their futures to be honest. If they stay on the Heat and win 6 championships, I'd think Lebron would make most sense. But if the Heat fail to win (many) championships or Lebron leaves when his contract is up again, it'd definitely be Wade. Though I'm not looking at it from a Heat-Fan perspective.

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Lebron has two MVPs to Wades

Lebron has two MVPs to Wades 0 with the organization and just as many NBA Finals MVPs as Wade, but in reality I agree with Gottabetheshoes it depends on how many more championships they win and how many more MVPs Lebron wins and how effective Wade is for the rest of his career.

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For me Wade is a Heat player,

For me Wade is a Heat player, he always has been, and if stays with the Heat for most or even the rest of his career he will one of the Heat's all time greats.

For LeBron, he simply came to Miami because the situation was the best for him to get a ring. He is the star of the team but he hasn't been with the Heat since the beginning of his career and most likely won't be with Heat at the end either.

It is obvious that Lebron is the better player, however, Wade has been the face of the Heat for nearly a decade now and has stayed faithful to Heat for all of that time; as such, in my opinion, he is more deserving of a statue.

All that being said though, why not both?

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