Amar'e Stoudemire OVERRATED?

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Amar'e Stoudemire OVERRATED?

Don't get me wrong I like Amare's OFFENSIVE game but I'm starting to believe he's overrated. At 6-10 240, with all that athletic ability I feel like he SHOULD do more. He is completely lost on D (lack of desire can do that) and he never averaged 10 rebounds. Yes he is averaging 21 and 8 but if he doesn't get his touches, he don't contribute at all. That's a major problem for me. I know its other factors too (steve nash has come down to earth, new coach, and new teammates) but like Shaq said MAN UP. Amare shows no desire to improve other than getting a jump shot. He doesn't rebound and is a defensive liability, can we really say he is a superstar or deserve to be on the all-star team? What you think? Or am I missing something?

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Lack of desire

Yes he lacks alot of desire! Amare has superstar potential but, his lack of desire kills me! Because he use to be one of my fav players until he had that knee injury (i think it was the knee). After that, he went down hill. Not TOO bad but hes just not the same. U get? The suns should trade him this year due to the new coaching staff, and system, like u said tuck . Maybe he should be traded to the bulls (im just throwing it out there). And im new to this whole basketball thing so PLEASE dnt judge me! just my opinion :).

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not overrated just lazy

amare isnt overrated. he needs something to keep him in the game the whole game. he needs the ball. I have never seeen amare make a lazy attempt at a drive or shot when he has it. but at times when phoenix gets lazy and decides they dont want to get the ball to him he zones out

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