Amare Stoudemire Big Game

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Amare Stoudemire Big Game

So far early in the 2nd qt he has 17pts off the bench in 11mins vs the Pistons. Stat is playing like he did his first year in NY with Melo out bc of injury. Woodson needs to find him 30mins a game if they are to make noise in the playoffs. Here's to hoping he drops 50 tonight!

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I've always been a fan of Amare, great seeing him play well tonight. I've been really pleased with how well he has played off the bench this season while at the same time not complaining at all about it. I think Woodson is making the right move to by keeping his minutes limited so he is fresh for the playoffs. People forget that that first year in NY Dantoni was playing him 40 minutes a game on knees that were so bad the Knicks couldn't even get insurance on them. I don't think Amare has been the same since.

Regardless, he's really been having a great season and hopefully by next year Woodson figures out how to incorporate Amare back into the starting line-up. He's still got enough left very he can be a heavy contributor for them, just not this year. Woodosn has been doing a great job so far

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