amare hate

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amare hate

Why does everyone hate on amare stoudemire. He is the best scoring big man in the game. He gets better every year. His career avg is 21 & 9. He doesn't play great defense so what. He can improve that. Stat can avg 30 and 10 in the right system with enough touches. He had a down year this because of the suns throwing the ball to 60 year old shaq and playing slow. Remember the first two games alvin gentry. Took over. Stat had 26 and 10. And 41 and 11 play uptempo. Stop the amare hate

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i think amare is a amazing big man. id love for the Thunder to some how come up with getting him in free agency. he would bring the veteran scoring big man for the thunder

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I do not think people hate on Amare Stoudemire, but at the same time, I have a few criticisms. I am a fan of Amare, I think he is a beast on offense, he developed a nice little mid range jumper and he can be absolutely ferocious at times. Fantastic run-jump athlete and I still think he will be a dominant force for quite a few more years despite the unfortunate injury spells. But, I think where it is maybe fair to criticize Amare is that at times, he flames out, which happens to a lot of players, and also his sub par defense. I watched the Suns play quite a bit, and have watched Amare play for years, and he lacks defensive intensity. For a guy with the tools he physical and athletic tools he possesses, his defense is just not even there. He just seems to rarely put his hands up and just not even try on that end of the court. I mean, I understood that Terry Porters system was not for him, I do not think it was Shaq's presence that did anything to him, because if you remember when Shaq came in last year, Stoudemire was re-energized and started averaging 30. But in the presence of a system that required a little more intensity on defense, Amare was more often than not the missing link. I mean, Nash is not at all a great defender, in fact he is quite well documented as being sub par, but at least he picked up his intensity and tried. Same goes for Shaq, who has lost a step and is not the defensive obstacle he once was. But Amare just straight up seemed to let his reduced offense affect his defense, which is just sad. If he picked up his defensive intensity and worked on becoming a better rebounder as well, than people would give STAT more of his just due. But even before Shaq arrived in the desert, STAT was being out boarded by Shawn Marion, an athletic marvel, but still a 6'7 forward who did not repeat his rebound numbers on a team with Chris Bosh. I wish all the best for Amare, but their are definitely aspects in his game that seem to be holding him back from being the caliber of NBA player he could very well be, which is one of the best in the league.

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Im sorry but every time i

Im sorry but every time i watched stat play he put on a show esspically last year when they went against the spurs and duncn hit that 3 Amere was unstoppable. the reason i think they lost was shaq he wasnt performing like he was this year.
he was trying tho and he slowed up there offense. stat is the best running his number can double in all catagories if running a fast paced game where the suns get more posseions then normallly proof his 45 point game this year or watever her scored. he filled every catagory that game. the funny thing is that game i the game they ran their old offense.
if dantoni get lebron and stat 2010 its a wrap its going to be fast break galore.

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stat is a beast

all amare needs is jus a real coach 2 get in his face and light a fire under him. or maybe it jus takes a lil time on the olympic team. ex: melo says all the time that playing with kobe and bron on the olympic team it changed his mindset and made him want 2 be a top tier player. melo arrived this year after winning the gold medal by playing defense and helping billups lead the nuggets to the western conference finals. thats all i think amare needs

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