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The Knicks gave 100 mil to a guy that has lost most of his athleticism and punches fire extinguishers.....ouch!

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Since signing to the Knicks,

Since signing to the Knicks, I knew it was a horrendous deal. And like IndianaBasketball pointed out in a previous thread, this is the second year in a row he will be unavailable for his team in crucial playoff time. With that said, STAT not being 100% healthy anyway (from last season as well), tryng to fit in w/ Melo an Lin, the dreaded condensed season that has claimed some casualties along the way, and the tragic death of his brother play into his perfomance prior to the fire extinguisher incident.

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I miss watching the Phoenix Amare play. He was super exciting, on offense at least.

On another note though, I think his health speaks to that famed Phoenix Suns training staff. I don't know what they do down there, but things haven't been the same since he left.

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Let's be real here... Before

Let's be real here... Before the Knicks gave Stoudemire that deal, he'd just finish up a season with the Suns in which he was a monster the second half of the season. He was dominating and in MVP type fashion. He also played 82/82 games and helped lead the Suns to the 3rd seed in the West. I remember him DESTROYING the Lakers in game three of the playoffs when he put up 40+ points.

And even last season with the Knicks, he was very good. He looked like he was becoming a leader and embraced the role. He played 78/78 games. He had critics saying he wouldn't be good without Steve Nash and he proved them wrong.

Then he hurt his back in the playoffs versus Boston, dealt with a tragedy over the summer and hasn't been the same since.

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Hindsight is always 20/20 ....

I agree, Amare has been less than ideal; however as IndianaBasketball pointed out, He played great his last year in Phoenix as well as last season with the Knicks. He averaged a 25 & 8 last season.

Also, I doubt Carmelo would have pushed as hard as he did for a trade to the Knicks without Stoudemire. If they don't make that signing, there is no way they lure another free agent via trade. They needed him as the cornerstone to build from.

Just my opinion ....

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He can still be an 18 and 8

He can still be an 18 and 8 guy, not what the Knicks need him to be but you can't blame the poor guy, it's because of all the injuries, but the bigger problem is that he and Melo cannot co-exist, I fee bad for Amare getting hurt, but this is a blessing in disguise for the Knicks, I know Amare is still a damn good player, but it just wasn't working, and Amare being out puts Melo back at the 4, and now they can at least try to steal a game at MSG, I stil have Miami in 6, but it may also be done in 5

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Everyone is overreacting

Everyone is overreacting wayyy too much. Remember how awesome Amare was in the beginning of last year when he single-handedly led the Knicks to a winning record? 25 and 8 is extremely good for a power forward that doesn't shoot outside too often. Since then he hasn't had any time to get back into his game after his back issues. He actually had about a 10 game stretch this year when he was playing great until his back got injured again. People on this site forget really quickly and only think about what is currently happening. Remember when Melo was in a slump and someone created a post arguing how they'd rather have Josh Smith as a building block for a team than Melo? And then Melo went on a tear and everyone quickly forgot about how overpaid he was and how much he "sucked." Please, the Knicks have no point guard and lost an extremely important player in Iman Shumpert. This team would be able to win a couple games in this series if they had a solid line up with Shumpert, Lin, and Amare in for more than 20 games.

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