Alphabet Team Tournament

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Alphabet Team Tournament

So its slow at work and I'm quite bored for the majority of the day, so I always do random basketball stuff to keep me occupied. So this time I decided to make up teams of current players (according to according to the first letter of their last names. I put 7 guys on each team and the positions were PG, SG, SF, PF, C, and two guys off the bench (one had to be a PG/SG/SF and the other had to be a PF/C). I tried to make sure the players actually play their position (or one they regularly play). This keeps from teams running a 3 point guard set for example, which makes it easier when comparing teams. I did this for the majority of all letters (some were lacking players and sometimes I grouped letters together).

With this, my idea is to run a little bracket tournament to see who our posters think is the best alphabet team. Every poster gets one vote for each matchup and feel free to give an in depth analysis on why one team would win, team chemistry, and the matchups that will occur. I'll give a matchup every couple days and hopefully a lot of people show interest.

The first matchup of the ATT is Team R Vs. Team S

Starting R Lineup: Rose, Redick, J.Richardson, Z.Randolph, and A.Randolph.
Off the Bench: Rondo and T.Robinson
Team Outlook: A team dominated by two of the best point guards in the league that can get to the hoop with ease. Zach can post up and have the paint to himself. Redick and J-Rich will space the floor for the penetrating point guards and Zach posting up. Anthony Randolph will get some garbage buckets from his defender helping on Rose, Rondo, and Zach. Defense will be a problem as Rondo is the only good defender on this team. This team should rebound fairly well too.

Starting S Lineup: Sessions, JR Smith, Singler, Josh Smith, and Sanders.
Off the Bench: Sefalosha and Stoudemire.
Team Outlook: This team will go where their big men take them as Smith, Sanders, and Stoudemire will reek havoc with all their athleticism. They should be able to out athleticize most front courts and it will be hard to score in the paint with Smith and Sanders' shot blocking. JR will be the only outside threat and will be relied on heavily, and chuck he will. The other guys are solid role players who will play gritty defense while not getting in the way of the teams' stars.

Game Preview: Team R easily has a better back court and can outshoot team S. Team S has athleticism down low which may be a problem with Randolph and Robinson. Sessions and Sefalosha will have their hands full with Rose and Rondo. JR could score in bunches as Team R doesn't have much perimeter defense. Team S would look to run but that could lead to major turnovers from Sessions and JR Smith.

Lets get it on!

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Sounds fun-ish ill do the G's
PG Manu Ginobili
SG Eric Gordon
SF Paul George
PF Blake Griffin
C Kevin Garnett
6 Marc Gasol
7 Rudy Gay
8 Danilo Gallinari
9 Danny Granger
10 Pau Gasol
11 Taj Gibson
12 Danny Green

Couldnt find a true pg thats good enough to compete with the elites so I put Ginobili at the 1 since he has some play making skills.Have a solid rotation of bigs with Blake, KG, Gasol bros and Gibson, and on the wings with Gordon, George, Gay, Granger, and Gallinari. My guards dont have that much depth but we can slide George to the 2 if someone gets into foul trouble or gets injured. I'd say I have a pretty solid team to compete with any other letters

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One more

The H's
PG- Jrue Holiday
SG- James Harden
SF- Gordan Hayward
PF- Dwight Howard
C- Roy Hibbert
6- Al Horford
7- JJ Hickson
8- Kirk Hinrich
9- Devin Harris
10- Tyler Hansbrough
11- Gerald Henderson
12- Tobias Harris

Team Outlook: 2 of the best bigs to hold down the paint with some solid bigs to back them up when they get into foul trouble. Elite guards to create the offense with some defensive guards on the bench. At the 3 I put in some all around guys that would fit in just fine with this team.

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H's: PG: Jrue Holiday SG:

PG: Jrue Holiday
SG: James Harden
SF: Gordon Hayward
PF: Al Horford
C: Dwight Howard
6: Tobias Harris
7: Roy Hibbert
8: George Hill
9: JJ Hickson
10: Mo Harkless
11: Gerald Henderson
12: Kirk Hinrich

Now that is an unstoppable team if you ask me

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A's Only supposed to pick 7


Only supposed to pick 7 guys right?

Pg - Dj Augustin
Sg - tony Allen
Sf- Carmelo Anthony
Pf - lamarcus Aldridge
C - Omer Asik

Ray Allen
Ryan Anderson

Two superstars in Anthony and aldridge in the starting lineup with two solid defenders in Tony Allen and Asik. Then Ray Allen and Anderson off the bench to spread the floor for Anthony and Aldridge. Basically unstoppable on offense while having two great defenders as well.

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I like the effort and thought everyone is putting in, but this isn't what I had in mind lol. I already had teams made up for every letter (as mentioned in my wordy first post) and I was going to have daily games between 2 letters to see who the posters thought would win. Like today was R vs S. so who do you think would win in that matchup (which is outlined in the first post)?

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my bad my bad id pick team R, that team is better than S. But I would probably change the line-ups a bit. Rondo-Rose-Richardson-Robinson-Z.Randolph vs Sessions-jr Smith-Josh Smith-Stoudemire-Sanders

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Team D PG-Goran Dragic SG-

Team D

PG-Goran Dragic
SG- Kevin Durant
SF-Luol Deng
PF-Anthony Davis
C- Tim Duncan

Bench- Andre Drummond
Bench- Jared Dudley/ Demar Derozen

Is there any letter that can contend with D? I think they mesh well. They have scorers and defenders on the wings, talented young and veteran posts, and various shooters to space the floor... I'll take Team D

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Team W PG: John Wall SG:

Team W

PG: John Wall
SG: Russell Westbrook
SF: Dwayne Wade
PF: Gerald Wallace
C: David West

Deron Williams
Kemba Walker
Dion Waiters
Dorell Wright
Jeff Withey

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Team F

PG - Raymond Felton
SG - Evan Fournier
SF - Landry Fields
PF - Kenneth Faried
C - Derrick Favors

Vitor Faverani PF/C
Carrick Felix SG/SF
Derek Fisher PG
Randy Foye PG/SG
Jamaal Frankin SG
Jimmer Fredette PG/SG
Channing Frye PF/C

Well, I hadn't too many options... Not a bad team at all, but not a great contender either...

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I will take team j all

I will take team j all day!
PG- Brandon Jennings
SG- Joe Johnson
SF- Lebron James
PF- Al Jefferson
C- Deandre Jordan

Jarrett Jack
Amir Johnson
Jonas Jerebko

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My gosh, you guys didn't

My gosh, you guys didn't understand the intent of this thread at all. Dmo already made all the teams, he just wanted you guys to vote for the matchup that he proposed. But whatever haha, it is what it is. I vote Team R.

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I like this idea. My vote is

I like this idea.
My vote is for Team R.

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Team R has the best 3 players

Team R has the best 3 players of the match up with Rose, Rondo, and Randolph. Team R wins in a blowout.

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Team R

Team R

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