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Alma Mater

Just wondering where people on this sites allegiances lie when it comes to college basketball. Where did people go to school, and everyone other than gatorheels can say which teams they cheer for in lue of doing so. I went to University of Oregon, a Duck for life, and I am love my school. Their basketball team is in a transition period, which I could go into, but for the sake of my health will choose not too. I also like UNC, UCLA (where if I was given the chance to go anywhere to play basketball, probably would have gone to), Georgetown and if a particular team has a player or style I like I will root for them come March. But, I stick with those main 4 (not as much G-Town since the original John Thompson retired) and just love watching college basketball. People who do not enjoy it are usually not hardcore basketball fans, because if they were I think they would have to appreciate it. I like watching future stars and even great college players play. Aaron Brooks in his senior year was the best player I saw play for U of O when I went there, and this includes Luke Ridnour as a junior and Luke Jackson as a senior. My brother and I were big fans of James Davis though, who if people do not remember, was a stone cold asassin. My brother saw him coaching this girl and said he did around the world except you had to make 5 shots in every place without missing. Needless to say, James did it. That is impressive to me, and I am not a bad shot. Well, just was wondering where people went to school and where their allegiances lie.

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Go Salukis!

I graduated from Southern Illinois University. They have a nice mid-major thing going. Been to 2 Sweet 16's this decade!

Other than SIU, my favorite teams are North Carolina. University of Illinois and DePaul.

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I went to

Sacramento State. They suck and their gym was worse then my highschool gym. They seriously have the old wood bleachers that you have to pull out. For a D1 school with over 30,000 students, they could be a little better.

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U of U

Utah red baby. BCS busters. partied a little to hard for school work kindof overtook school, so I am a junior dropout. I am also a North Carolina fan.

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