Allen Iverson Free Agent Hints? Cats?

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Allen Iverson Free Agent Hints? Cats?

Allen Iverson Tweeted these ,sounds like he is going or wants to go to the Cats

"I want to play for someone that knows how to best utilize my skills to make our team the very best that we can be. "
"my only preference will be to play for a coach that knows what I bring to the table and that I am going to bring it every night"


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The Bobcats need David

The Bobcats need David Lee....not Iverson. Iverson does nothing for the Bobcats...they have too many small guards already. It is more important to re-sign Felton then to offer Iverson a contract.

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Iverson would be good for the cats as a business

No i wouldnt say nothing...
Iverson would sell tickets they might even get a couple more games aired on TNT or ESPN
And he can also go out and get you 20+ pts a night

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