All-Undrafted Teams

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All-Undrafted Teams

All-Undrafted 1st Team:

PG: Demetri McCamey - Illinois

SG: David Lighty - Ohio State

SF: Scotty Hopson - Tennessee

PF: Jamie Skeen - VCU

C: Greg Smith - Fresno State

All-Undrafted 2nd Team:

PG: Talor Battle - Penn State

SG: Ben Hansbrough - Notre Dame

SF: Malcolm Thomas - San Diego State

PF: Matthew Bryan-Ammaning - Washington

C: Michael Dunigan - USA

All-Undrafted 3rd Team:

PG: Jacob Pullen - Kansas State

SG: Brad Wanamaker - Pitt

SF: Mike Davis - Illinois

PF: Matt Howard - Butler

C: Mike Tisdale - Illinois

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All-Undrafted 1st Team: Ben

All-Undrafted 1st Team:

Ben Hansbrough

David Lighty

Scotty Hopson

Willie Reed

Rick Jackson

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1st team G Diante Garret G

1st team

G Diante Garret

G Ben Hansbrough

G David Lighty

F Jamine Peterson

F Jamie Skeen

2nd team

G Demetri Mccamey

G Brad Wannamaker

G Scotty Hopson

F Malcolm Thomas


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All Undrafted Team

= All not good enough to get drafted in the 2nd round.

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