All Star Teams

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All Star Teams

I know its early but tell me what you think.

West Starters

PG- Chris Paul

SG- Kobe Bryant

SF- Kevin Durant

PF- David Lee

PF- Tim Duncan

West Reserves

Guards- Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Tony Parker, and Stephen Curry

Forwards- Zach Randolph, Blake Griffin, and (I hate to say it but) Dwight Howard

East Starters

PG- Rajon Rondo

SG- Dwyane Wade

SF- LeBron James

SF- Carmelo Anthony

PF- Tyson Chandler

East Reserves

Guards- Deron Williams, Brandon Jennings, Jrue Holiday, and Paul George (I know he is a small forward but I wanted Joakim Noah in too.)

Forwards- Chris Bosh, Josh Smith, Joakim Noah


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In terms of Votes, Blake

In terms of Votes, Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard are locks for starters for the West. I'm pretty sure that Garnett is going to be the starting center for the East because of votes as well. Other than that, I think that your All Star team is pretty set for the West, of course trading Griffin and Howard on the Starting lineup and putting Duncan and Lee as reserves (unless Dwight is still hurt and misses All Star game). In terms of the East reserves, I think that Joe Johnson gets the All Star nod over Paul George, and that Roy Hibbert will get the All Star nod over either Tyson Chandler or Joakim Noah. I believe it will be over Chandler, but I definitely could be wrong

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I don't think Roy Hibbert is

I don't think Roy Hibbert is going to make it this year he's been playing horribly this season. And as for the starters I felt those was the guys that was supposed to make it, I obviously know Dwight and Blake going to be starters because of there name but I felt the Spurs deserved a starter and felt David Lee is having a better season than Blake.

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I would think despite missing

I would think despite missing some time this year, Irving would get in before Jennings.

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He shouldn't

Jennings is playing great ball, and Irving will have plenty of chances is his career, This year it should go to the healthy player on a better team. As long as David Lee and Steph Curry make the west I'm happy, those two deserve some love for the suprise team of the year so far. And what are the odds Marc Gasol makes it? I think he is more deserving then Dwight, but luckily for Dwight the fans want to see him.

Side note, Im almost most excited for the Rookie Sophmore game over any other event. SHVED!!

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Are they doing the draft

Are they doing the draft again for the Rookie-Sophomore game? I enjoyed that a lot more than the way it usually is

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Why on earth do you think Marc Gasol should make it over Dwight Howard? Their numbers dont even compare.... Gasol shouldnt even make it over Omer Asik

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The All-Star team usually

The All-Star team usually only has three guards and four front court players as reserves.

I think Serge Ibaka should make the All-Star team. People need to start acknowledging his improvement as a player. I'd go with Tim Duncan, David Lee, Zach Randolph and Serge Ibaka as reserves in the West. Marc Gasol and Lamarcus Aldridge come up a little short.

As far as Roy Hibbert, I can't see him making the All-Star team over Tyson Chandler or Joakim Noah, due to the fact he's struggled so bad offensively. That's too bad too because he's been very good on the boards and especially leading the defense. The fact he's struggled so bad offensively, will takes votes away from him for DPOY.

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My picks, based on what I believe will happen

Guess we are assuming Dwight might still be out? If so, Timmy does have the next most votes, not to mention is a center and a lock All-Star. Wow, plus we have to factor in no Kevin Love, Pau Gasol not deserving it in the least, so looks like:


C Tim Duncan (starter)

PF Blake Griffin (starter)

SF Kevin Durant (starter)

SG Kobe Bryant (starter)

PG Chris Paul (starter, no I do not think Jeremy Lin will overtake him)

Frontcourt: Zach Randolph, David Lee, LaMarcus Aldridge, Marc Gasol (think they will take a true C, always tend to)

Backcourt: Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Tony Parker

Last guy left off: Stephen Curry


C Kevin Garnett (starter, hangs on to beat Chris Bosh in votes)

PF Carmelo Anthony (starter)

SF LeBron James (starter)

SG Dwyane Wade (starter)

PG Rajon Rondo (starter)

Frontcourt: Chris Bosh, Joakim Noah, Tyson Chandler, Josh Smith

Backcourt: Deron Williams, Paul Pierce (who is a SF, just will be here in this instance), Jrue Holiday

Last guy left off: Al Horford (would honestly not be surprised if he was chosen over Smith once again)

Know that I do not have any Pacers, yes I know their record would tend to state they "deserve" an All-Star, just can you say anyone on that team is better than anyone listed on the above East team? If Paul George continues his scoring spree he might be there instead of a player on a losing team like Holiday, just do not think I would say he is the better player, which I tend to base my picks on in accordance to the season the player is having as well.

Serge Ibaka is another guy I could see getting in with as well as the Thunder have been playing, not to mention his noticeable improvement. While I think Paul George is taking steps, it is just difficult for me to look at him right now and say, "that is an All-Star". He was huge against the Heat, the issue is a lack of consistency. I see the Pacers players as more of a collective than as really having an All-Star. If they get far with that, maybe they will prove me wrong, just have a hard time choosing an All-Star amongst them, sorry Pacer fans.

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