All Laker Fans Please Agree

Trade Away Pau Gasol Amnesity Meta World Peace ... That Free`s Up Approxmiately 27 million cap space sign Deron Williams,Shannon Brown Draft A Power Forward In The Second Round Like Henry Sims Of Georgetown and Resign Devin Ebanks And Will be Fine Moving Forward Please mITCH kUPCHECK

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Seriously, though, the Lakers will have to take on salary in any Pay Gasol trade. I doubt they will be able to afford Deron Williams, as they are over the luxury tax limit and won't fix that by trading Gasol and amnestying World Peace. The Nets would need to work out some kind of sign and trade of Williams, and I am not sure how that would work.

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Harrison Barnes

Would any team picking from 2-4 trade their pick for Pau Gasol and/or Metta World Peace?

In my opinion, the best destination for Barnes is the Lakers, where he can learn everything from Kobe and be the second scoring option for the Lakers in 3-4 years when Kobe retires.

But, Pau's contract is too big for a rebuilding team and he's 30+ years old. All he could provide is veteran leadership and be a team's 1st or 2nd option (depending where he goes)

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Laker Fan Disagrees

I like Pau Gasol. He showed us what he can do the 1st two years. Currently, he's training harder than ever in the off season. He's a true competitor, he's professional, and a very classy guy. He doesn't do or say anything stupid. I say keep him. Keep Bynum. Forget about trading for Howard. I'm fed up Dwight already, we don't need another diva on the team. Pickup some bench players.

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