All decade team 00's, 10's

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All decade team 00's, 10's

I put together an "all-decade" team for the 00's just by adding up all NBA first team (2 points) and second team appearances from 00/01 to 09/10 - number of points are in brackets:


B Wallace (3)
Paul (3)

Doesn't look too bad to me. I think all-NBA team votes tend to hang around a bit after a player has declines, so I think this probably tends to overrate guys who peaked early in the decade (Shaq, AI) and underrate the newer arrivals on the scene (Paul/Lebron) but overall it seems about right. You could add in points for MVPs, which wouldn't make any real difference, or third teams, which might, but I suspect your top ten will look about the same for any objective method.

So, who makes the 10's team, assembled the same way?

Lebron and Durant are pretty much locks to be the starters at the forward spots, and I think Kobe will make the team just based on his three first team appearances in the first three years of the decade. I would say Rose is a lock, and Paul, Dwight and Westbrook near-locks. Harden? Irving? Griffin? Love? Davis? Paul George and/or Steph Curry?

Based on the 00's team, almost everyone who is going to make the team is probably already in the league, with probably two or three exceptions, but some of them may not have developed into superstars yet.

How about:


with Harden, Irving and M Gasol (home pick) rounding out the roster.

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00 and 02

Team 2000's
Shaq- Duncan- V Carter- Kobe- Iverson
Bench: Yao Ming, T-Mac, Dirk, Garnett, Ray Allen, J Kidd, Pierce

Team 2010's
Dwight- Lebron- Durant- Harden- Rose
Bench: Westbrook, Love, CP3, Blake Griffin, George, Irving, K Leonard

Team 1990's
The Dream- Malone- Pippen- Jordan- Stockton
Bench: Ewing, Robinson, G Payton, Penny Hardaway, Barkley, Drexler, M Richmond

(I consider Isiah/Magic/Bird 80's guys and I put Shaq in the 2000's)

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I think I wasted my best jump

I think I wasted my best jump testing my vertical in warm-ups. It looks to be around 34 - 36'' range, but I'm a little disappointed my dunks didn't work.

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