Alexey Shved

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Alexey Shved

I know for a lot of people outside of Minnesota there hasn't been a lot of chances to see this kid play, but for those who have who else thinks he's going to be a great long term addition to the Wolves? The kid is a playmaker and he is fearless. When he learns to shoot he's going to be a great option for us. I think he can play the 1 or 2 and he'll be able to play with rubio on the court as well due to both of there sizes. If we can keep our core together (Love, Rubio, Pek, and Shved) I like our future.

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I love him and Kirilenko they

I love him and Kirilenko they look great together, they have such a good chemistry from playing together last season and for Russia. =) Should be a good team when everyone is healty.

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He played great in the

He played great in the Olympics of Russia. And has played well so far as a rookie in the NBA. Besides his shooting percentage which will improve overtime, he's played really well especially for a rookie. At 6"6, 6"7, being able to play the point guard effectively makes him a miss match every night. Also with the ability to play sg, if he can bulk up some from the skinny 182lbs, he and Rubio may be one of the better young backcourts in the NBA for years to come.

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This is bold

But, I could see him being a Ginobli type of player. I know there is a big gap between the two right now, but he has the nack for getting to the basket like Manu. His awareness on the court is impressive, and he can get the ball to the open man.

He has a fe areas he will need to improve on, but they aren't huge. His shot, it's very good so I'm not worried about his poor showing in so . He has a nack for getting caught in the air with no where to go with the ball, but he is a rookie.

That is a interesting future backcourt. Shved and Rubio are both good sized (height, not muscle) and have length. Both bet their hands on passes and can play solid team defense. And on offense, they could be very hard to defend. Especially when Rubio can improve his shot, which he will.

Can't wait to see Shved on the floor with Rubio, Love, AK, and Pek.

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Shved and Rubio is a very

Shved and Rubio is a very interesting back court. They are 2 very skilled players who make smart decisions. What is most interesting is going to be how they match up with an athletic back court like Memphis as an example. Will it be skill or athletics that win out?

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I can't wait to see him and

I can't wait to see him and Rubio out on the court together. Pair both of their great P&R capabilities with Ricky's great passing and Shved's quick release... Deadly combinations. Especially considering they can both run the P&R with Kevin Love.

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