Alan Anderson

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Alan Anderson

As a Raptors fan he's one of the best things going for TO right now along with Ross.

What a find for Toronto... this guy can play for sure.

He's a solid rotation piece for any team I think in the future.
What do you guys think, any love?!

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He know his role and knows how to play.
Defensively and offensively.
His situation reminds me of Anthony Parker when he came to the raptors.
Both played at a high level in Europe and play the a similar role

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anthony parker was a lot more

anthony parker was a lot more efficient which makes him a lot better. alan anderson can play but at times i feel like he hogs the ball a bit too much. i felt that way about him early into the season but hes getting less selfish nowadays. solid find nonetheless

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If you mean Alan Anderson

If you mean Alan Anderson played in a big club in Europe (like Barca) then yes. But if you mean "high level" as in he was a top player there, then no. He has great individual skills, but he is bad on defense, tends to ball hog, and he has a low basketball IQ.

He was to the level of being in a top club, but not a top player. He was just another guy at that level.

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A.A. is definately a solid

A.A. is definately a solid pro player. Can do just about anything basketball related. I bet he would know his way around a team laundry room and could make shoe repairs if you needed him to.

Big thing is he can defend, make an open jump shot, handle the ball well enough, create his own shots, and pass the ball well enough. Most games he knows his role and playes within the offence. The fact that he has tasted the NBA and never wants to go back to the D league gives him more of an edge than most guys.

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