Ok so here is a trade that i was thinking of:

Thunder get: Chris Kaman | Ricky Davis/Brian Skinner | #1 overall pick

Clippers get: Earl Watson | Robert Swift | #3 overall pick

or something like that where the thunder get a center and the #1 pick

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That would never happen, for a myriad of reasons. First, Robert Swift is going to be an unrestricted free agent and Earl Watson is not the answer to anything anywhere. So in short, you're looking at the Thunder ripping off the Clippers while taking on Kaman's contract. Which could happen, but I wouldn't bet on it -- the Clippers can't be THAT stupid. Not to mention, this is a trade that won't even be in discussion unless Rubio falls to #3, and that's a huge "if" given that the Grizzlies could snag Rubio or just trade down -- and most of the teams likely to move up to #2 would do so for Rubio, not Thabeet.

Furthermore, this is even more ridiculous when all potential discussions so far mentioned start with:
Clippers: #1 + ??? (Random Hefty Bad Contract)
Thunder: #3 + Westbrook or Green or Multiple Future 1st Rounders + Useful Pieces Rather Than Crap (Thabo for instance)

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i would love to see them get

i would love to see them get Blake Griffin

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i think

i think the clippers kno they got the best player in the draft,and they would want bigger name players besides swift who is injury prone,and watson who is a player who has his slumps during the season. it would have to be westbrook or maybe even green to even get near the #1 spot. in my opinion i would trade durant for griffen anyday

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I agree with

I agree with order to climb those 2 spots to #1, the Thunder would need to give up quite a bit. More than likely they would have to give up green, the #3, and another talented player.
Best case scenario, they give up Thabo, the #3, and whatever else they need to throw into the trade to make it happen...then they could end up with a lineup of: Westbrook, KD, Green (at his real position? OMG)..., Griffin, and Kristic

That is a super unlikely trade since the thunder dont have enough talented pieces to offer besides what they have in their core.

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Will be really hard to get. I cant see the Clips asking for anything less than #3, Jeff Green, Future 1st in exchange for #1, and a bad contract or 2.

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Unfortunately I don't think Griffin is getting traded

The Clippers know they have a shot to draft the one "sure thing" in this draft and are not going to screw it up. As much as I would love to see Blake play in OKC I'm not sure I'd want to give away a rapidly improving Jeff Green, #3, and likely another first round lottery selection next year along with a bad contract or 2 just for him. With 2 first rounders this year, and 2 likely lottery selections next year (I think the Suns will miss the playoffs again next year), the expiring contract of Watson, a lot of cap room, and team looking to unload contracts to get under the luxury tax because of the current economic climate,I think Presti will be in a position to really improve the talent on the roster without breaking up the young trio of Green, RW0, and Durant

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If this trade somehow went through, this would benefit the Thunder immensely, but I just don't see it happening. How would the clippers be better by giving up Blake, and only picking up Watson, Swift, and the number 3 pick?

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Mady just for Kamen. If you took out the number one draft pick it could work. You might get away with Wilkens, Swift and Watson from the Thunder. I don't think the Clipps could fill another need with the draft.

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