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I know its very very early in the season, but I just want to give a shout out to new Timberwolf Andrei Kirilenko. Many people thought the wolves overpaid for him and he was not the same AK-47 of old and that might end up being the case, but for now he is looking fantastic. Through 3 games the Wolves are 2-1 and Andrei is putting up vintage Kirilenko stats:

14.3 ppg

7.3 rpg

4.7 apg

2.7 bpg

A nice return to the NBA so far and lets hope he stays healthy and keeps it up.

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i watched him play last

i watched him play last nights game against toronto and it seems like he is just more confident on offense these days. it could be due to the amount of touches he is getting but either way if the twolves can continue getting him going, when love and rubio return they will definitely be a fun team to watch.

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He's been playing really

He's been playing really well. In part because Kevin Love is out. After he returns his production will go down some, but still a nice pickup by the Wolves.

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Not only AK is playing well,

Not only AK is playing well, Alexey Shved has shown real promise as well. He showed up to play in the fourth quarter in tonight's game against the Nets. Hit a few clutch shots, couple nice feeds and poked the ball away from Deron Williams at a key point late in the game. I've been most impressed by his quickness with and without the ball, he had been always hailed as a shooter (he does have a quick release) before coming over but that's definitely not the only thing he does well..

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I was hoping the Raptors

I was hoping the Raptors would make an effort after the Olympics to try and bring him in but unforetunately they went with another SF but glad to see him doing well in Minnie.

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His averages at the end of

His averages at the end of the year will be 11ppg, 5rpg, 3apg, 1stl, 1blk.....just as he averaged the last 5 years he played in the NBA. Anyways, congrats Andrei on your solid 3 game averages.

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nice post thanks Watch
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I like what you said, he seems much more confident, not only in his offense, but his role as a leader and his overall game. I don't know what he runs on, but AK is one of the most active players in the game. LAst night against the Nets he dove to the ground for a steal with with like 6 seconds (off the top of my head) left in the game. He is a smart player, and he plays within himself. Sure his numbers may change when Love gets back, but probably only points and rebounds. But he is there for more than that, his presence is making a difference on this team along with others.

And shout out to Shved, 10 in the fourth, get buckets!

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Excellent player. Very

Excellent player. Very active. Very smart and very efficient. Last night he shot the ball from three and at the rim, both effecient and valuable shots. On defense he rebounds, steals and blocks and is generally all over the place. I'm surprised and disappointed that Prok didn't get him to join the Nets. Even if he, as Grandma points out, returns to his more normal numbers, those numbers if they are combined with a good TS% will be plenty good enough to a quality contributor to a winning team. If he stays healthy (big if, I know) then he is a bargain at $10 million a year.

Shved scored, but he also took some dumb shots (a pull up three from five feet behind the line at the start of the shot clock comes to mind). I'm not sure what to think about him yet.

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