AJ Price?

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AJ Price?

AJ price is a great PG, He will also transform into a NBA beast.
But why is no one talking about him. He is projected mid-2nd round
Most people dont think is a top 5 PG. I dont get it because I think
He is second to Ricky Rubio, O and that International bum Jennings is 2nd
so make AJ 3rd in my mind on top PG's.

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did u

Did u watch tha game against MSU he literally didnt show up guarantee if he wuld had a big game or they wuld have won his stock wuld have rised but instead he shot 5-20, not tha typical A.J. Price i kno

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He is a good player and will

He is a good player and will make a roster but I think his troubled past and his tendancy to hoist up lots of bad shots are hurting him . His past says he is a theif and a troublemaker which is something no gm wants.

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Rubio isn't best PG.
AJ Price is like Mario Chalmers in 2008 DRAFT...
in my opinion the best pgs are Jonny Flynn and Ty Lawson

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solid prospect

I like AJ prices game alot, too bad about his ACL injury becaues he was a pretty good athlete before, now he seems about average. He has good size for a point guard, and plays strong. He reminds me on Mike James. I think he is a little better than Patty Mills, Darren Collison, and Curtis Jerrels in that late first, early second area. He played about 7 months after the injury, so he wasn't 100 percent. He plays decent defense, comes from a big name school, and can really shoot the three, so Im positive he will get drafted or invited to camps at least. I think he can be a fringe starter or reliable backup, especially if he gets some explosiveness back.

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AJ was a GREAT PLAYER, five

AJ was a GREAT PLAYER, five years ago. I don't think anyone has gone through more than him. He missed his freshmen year because of a brain hemorage. He missed his sophomore season because of his involvement with stealing latop computers. He junior season was decent, though he was really rusty after not playing for two years. Last year's season would have put in the the draft, but unforunately, he sustained an ACL injury. He has' bad karma, ala Chris Webber! I wish him the best, but he isn't nearly the highly reguarded New York product coming out of high school.


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i think

IF he slips into the 2nd round i think he will be a steal for watever team he lands on. He can be a key contributor off the bench

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Might be a bit underrated

If I were a GM with a late first round pick, I'd roll the dice.

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