AJ Matthews

Anyone out there know anything about AJ Matthews?

It was just a 2 minute highlight real but he really jumped out at me. Obviously DIII school and the competition level is pretty bad but 7'0 feet tall, moves incredibly well, length, good frame to add muscle . Looked like he knew the game pretty well and showed a little ball handling ability also. Again, just a small highlight clip but he intrigued me. Slotted in the late 2nd round now but why not this guy over guys like Dwayne Dedmon, Alex Oriahki, Kenny Kadji, and others? His clip looked worse than some Wilt highlights regarding the competition but I still really liked what I saw.

Why did he play at that level for 4 years?

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He looks like the love child of Sam Cassell and Popeye Jones.

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He had several d1 offers but

He had several d1 offers but he did not make the grades to get to that level. Check out this article http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaab-the-dagger/blooming-aj-matthews-tryi...

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