A.J. Abrams

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A.J. Abrams

Abrams isn't on this sites Draft Board.
How come he isnt he was great in collEge.
I think he should make it to the NBA.
He should be a 2nd rounder.Pure shooter

How come 6 footers that are shooters
dont make the NBA - - Like Drew Neitzel = GOD

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because it isn't good basketball

It causes more problems than it gives benefits. He can't really run the point at all, which explains why one of the 5 most talented teams this year was out of the top 25 for large parts of it. So the only real thing he could do on an NBA court, all 5'11 of him, is jack up threes from farther away with taller people guarding him. He would then be an unbelievable liability on defense, because he isnt even big even to reliably guard points, let alone strong shooting guards. I dont hate the kid, but he just isnt NBA material.

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He is just a tiny machine

He is just a tiny machine gun with no defense.

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Jared loves to point out

Jared loves to point out grammar stuff but he spelled defense wrong lol. You're a clown man. But Abrams is horrible in my opinion, every big game i watched him in he shot like 18 three's and hit 4 or 5 of them. Other than the fact he guns he also has no other game AT ALL. No mid-range, no post-up, no handles, no athleticism.

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Because A.J. Abrams is a

Because A.J. Abrams is a FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!! The kid isn't good at all. I like how he and Rick Barnes started the season saying that Abrams was a point guard who was playing the shooting guard position for two years because of D.J. Augustin. Well, that experiment this season lasted three weeks because he isn't a point guard. And who could he guard in the NBA. Um, how about Denver Nuggets assisstant coach Doug Moe! HA HA HA HA.

Note: D Hamp speaks the truth.

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he could be like anthony morrow

he could be like anthony morrow and be an undrafted free agent pick-up. He has the quickest trigger i've ever seen. he only needs an inch of space to shoot. he can play the 2 and guard the 1. i kno he would be short for the 2 but his quick trigger could make up for his lack of size.

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I see him as an Eddie

I see him as an Eddie House...doesn't have a great handle for someone that would have to play the point, and isn't a playmaker, but just someone that comes on to bring up the ball and provide "instant offense" by launching a ton of shots...but House might be taller, I'm not sure.

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damn sure is

Eddie House jr

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