Abdul Gaddy

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Abdul Gaddy

What happened to the potential we all once seen in him to maybe one day become an NBA prospect

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Too many injuries derailed

Too many injuries derailed his early career and stunted his growth.

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Was his NBA potential ever

Was his NBA potential ever that high though? I know he was highly ranked coming out of HS, but outside of his bball IQ, what NBA attributes did he have?

I still think he can make it as a back up somewhere. Maybe he can be a Chris Duhon type PG who'll come off the bench, just take care of the ball and run the offense.

He's off to a good start which isn't a surprise without Wroten there trying to act like he can actually run an offense well.

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Thats a legit question, was

Thats a legit question, was he always just a pretty good player benefiting from playing with Avery Bradley? I guess he could make the league but at the same time their have been many players I feel where better go undrafted and go unheared from ever again. Statements like this always make me think of Jamont Gordon.

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he was a case of a lot of

he was a case of a lot of hype way too early. he was never really as good as people thought and i think its hard to base potential on a guy like perry jones or cj leslie can get hype based on potential just because of the position factor but abdul gaddy never really stuck out as a gem to me. he kind of reminds me of ex-WVU player joe mazzulla in a way (not style of play) but for the reason that it seems like hes been around college bball forever but at the same time noone really expects to hear about him after school. wishing him the best tho

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