Ab-Soul DISSES Waka Flocka!!!

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Ab-Soul DISSES Waka Flocka!!!

Ab-Soul is a nice upcoming rapper with Top Dog Entertainment same label as Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, and School Boy Q. Its more as if he is calling out Waka Flocka and other rappers n the game to step their games up so our generation of Hip Hop can start being as memeorable as other era's. Holding the game accountable.

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Not even close

Lyrically Ab soul would kill him....I likeHouse Party 5 personally

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Waka needs to be called out.

Waka needs to be called out. Dude is weak and his beats sell more than his rap. Don't get me wrong, every now and then its cool to be cruising around with the bass bumpin to a Waka song, but when every song you ever made is only memorable b/c of the beat, you need to step your game up b/c you'll be replaced in a minute once your head gets too big and the industry gets sick of you.

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Waka is straight up terrible.

Waka is straight up terrible. Yes, his beats are bangers but the dude doesn't have any real talent. I also think he might be a retarded person, just look up interviews with him on Youtube.

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At one time, it looked like

At one time, it looked like CAA was going to have a stranglehold on the NBA and possess more control than any agency ever has. With James leaving and other clients sure to follow, their power definitely looks to be weakening.

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