9th pick DRAFT 2012


If I was Joe Dumars, I'd wonder who the best player who can play with Monroe is.

Anthony Davis or Thomas Robinson would be perfect to play with our center.

Unfortunately, they would be selected before.

We should choice Meyers Leonard, Tyler Zeller, John Henson, Arnett Moultrie, Jared Sullinger or Perry Jones.

Who is the best center/power forward to play with Monroe ?

I think John Henson would be the best choice. His defense is very hard. He is also great rebounder.

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Personally, I love Arnett Moultrie's game. I remember watching him at UTEP and wondering how he wasn't playing high D1 ball. After the tranfer to Miss. St. more of his weaknesses became apparent as he became the focal point but that being said he is still very gifted. I think he would fit wonderfully next to Monroe but I've read a lot and he seems to be one of the most difficult players to project a landing spot for. They may be reaching for him at 9. But they're gonna be reaching for any of those players so why not him?

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Good thing we ended up with

Good thing we ended up with Drummond at 9, because almost nobody projected that we would get him until maybe a couple days leading into the draft.

Drummond seems like the perfect pick for what we needed the most, which is interior defense and a player who can hopefully control the paint on offense with his size, atheleticism and wingspan.

I think he will play great with Monroe at PF. They both love to run and get up and down the court fast, and Brandon Knight loves to shoot perimiter shots and push the offense up tempo.

Having two legitimate bigs should open our perimiter game up a ton, which wasn't really happening with Maxiel and others starting at PF.

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“In year three of a building

“In year three of a building process, we are hopeful to compete for a playoff spot,” said Raptors president and general manager Bryan Colangelo. “That is our goal. That is our desired plan right now.

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