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Oky the wolves can Select Derrick Williams, or Enes Kanter.

We need a Center. Oky but we need a SG. i say "we leave this years draftb with a bang cause we wont be in next years draft. Cause i think David and Rambis will lose a job if they come back in the draft as a top 5 team again.

So lets just trade Wesly Johnson to the Jazz for their 3rd pick . They will make this trade cause they dont really need nothing except Derrick Williams. And we will not trade The pick cause this is the highest draft pick we gotten in history of the franchise. But, the jazz will take Wesly Johnson cause Derrick Williams will be off the board . Cause we have the second pick and Derrick Williams will be selected before Enes Kanter.

Trade: Wesly Johnson 4 3rd pick (Enes Kanter)

note: both teams will get wat they need .And wolves need a Center. and the Jazz need a Small Forward.

Remeber, again we dont have a draft pick next season. By the way the draft will go, we will , Take Derrick Williams with the 2nd pick, and Enes Kanter with the 3rd pick.Again we need to make a bang for this years draft so ...


we trade Micheal Beasly too a team that needs a SF.

teams like the *Clippers*,76ers* , *Warriors* ,*Raptors*, *Bobcats*, *Magic* ,Nets,Lakers,Nuggets,bucks,suns, *wizards*, *new orleans* ,rockets.

Teams with stars around them really need Micheal Beasly . too save their franchise or their star player from leaving.

1.Clippers- They need a SF. for Blake Griffen

2.76ers- they can start young and dump A.I on us.

3.Warriors- they are not trade Monte Ellis but they will give up something .

4.Raptors- they need all around help , but Beasly could be a drop off for a first round pick for next year. and some additions

5.Bobcats- they need a new face....well they never had a face for this team . But Captain Jack will be given too us .

6.Magic-They need another top scorer cause Dwight is mad at his team . And iff they dont make some moves they will lose him.

7.Wizards- Oky this is tricky . they need a top scorer to go along with Wall. AND WE NEED A PICK AND SOME ADDITIONS.

8.Hornets- They need another scorer to go along with Paul or he will leave and if they make this trade David West will come back .

The trade we really hoping for is ..76ers and bobcats cause we need a SG and free agency is not are strong point in the offseason

Aundri Igudola or Stephen Jackson will do fine.

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Utah not will get rid of the

Utah not will get rid of the third pick for wes... there are loads of better offers they could get from other teams..

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