76ers title contenders?

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76ers title contenders?

The signing of Elton Brand I feel as catapulted the sixers into the elite of the eastern conference. This is assuming that they do retain Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams. The projected lineup hopefully will consist of:
PG Andre Miller
SG Andre Iguodala
SF Thaddeus Young
PF Elton Brand
C Samuel Dalembert
Bench: Lou Williams, Willie Green, Reggie Evans, Jason Smith, Marreese Speights

For the final two roster spots I'm hoping the Sixers can address their shooting woes by signing a legitimate 3 point shooter as well as a back up center. Couple interesting people the sixers could hopefully land with their nearly 2 million bi annual exemption are Demetrius Nichols, Kirk Snyder, Chris Anderson, Eddie Jones, Jamal Magloire, JR Smith, Dikembe Mutombo, Flip Murray, Micheal Finley, Brent Barry, Robert Swift, or Primoz Brezec. A lot of these players not only would address the need of a shooter or back up center but also bring much needed experience to this young team. With the addition of Brand there is a abundance of power forwards on the team and hopefully they are able to move Reggie Evans for a shooter or a backup center.

The success of the sixer is contingent on couple of other factors as well including the health of Brand after his serious injury and also the continued development of Young. Young's production and rapid progression was a suprise last year. He seems poised to take the step from valuable bench player to contributing starter. I think him moving to his natural SF spot will aid is his progression. With Brand clogging up the lane it will open up the perimeter for Young to showcase his beutiful lefty stroke.

The sixers main problem last year was their inability to score in the half court offense due to their lack of an inside presence and lack of outside shooting. They relied upon their ability to get out on the break and outrun their opponents. With the addition of Brand and the shift of Young from PF to SF the sixers could alleviate the problems that made them a one dimensional team last. The sixers are able to keep the identity that they created last year while adding these two dimensions to their game.

All in all this signing was the best possible senario for the sixers and should be the beginning of a promising next couple years for the team. Congratulations to the sixers organization for hiring a GM in Ed Stefanski who has the creativity and intelligence to pull off this resurgance.

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The East Will Emerge

I have to agree with everything you said. The Sixers are gonna be very tough depending on Brand's health. I really hope he can revive his career. Also you forgot to mention that Speights will be joining the team. I think this is a very good addition too. Young may be very good as a SF. People say he has a very nice midrange game. The Bench is pretty strong with, Williams, Green, Jason Smith, Speights... If they could land James Posey that would be a very nice addition.
Teams like Miami, Chicago and even Milwaukee will be tough next year. Toronto got tougher with O'neal. The east is beast.

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Yup...The East Is Emerging

Whoa! I was surprised when I heard Brand signed with the Sixers. I thought they were going Josh Smith but Brand is a great fit at PF for the Sixers.

Yup, yup I too do definitely agree with what was said. Sixers will definitely be a contender, but the question is whether Brand will be healthy. Brand is a 20 (PPG) -10 (RPG) player! The GM Ed Stefanski did an awesome job on landing Brand in Philly and I think it was a good move for both Philadelphia and on Brand's end as well. In the East, Brand now has a great chance in getting into the playoffs, in the West its just crowded with tough teams. Yes, Thaddeus Young was a surprise rookie. The Hawks' Horford and Sixers' Young performed well in the postseason too.

Brand's addition to the team gives the Sixers "D" and definitely another scoring option in the paint. Yeah, it would be great to make up the remaining spots with good long range shooters and a backup center for Dalembert. The loss of Korver gave the Sixers a lack of outside shooting. Yeah, Sixers should be a playoff contender this coming season, but Boston still seems to be the team to beat as well as some teams in the East.

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