76ers 2015 Lineups

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76ers 2015 Lineups

Would like to know your favorite of these starting 5....not taking Free Agency into account.

1) MCW - Harris - Wig/Park - Thad - Noel

2) MCW - Lavine - Wig/Park - Thad - Noel

3) MCW - Wig/Park - McDermott - Thad - Noel

4) MCW - Lav/Harris - Thad - Vonleh - Noel

5) MCW - Wroten - Wiggins - Gordon - Noel

6) MCW - Lav/Harris - Thad - Randle - Noel

7) MCW - Exum - McDermott - Thad - Noel

8) MCW - Exum - Grant - Thad - Noel

9) MCW - Lav/Harris - Thad - Noel - Embiid

10) MCW - Smart - Saric - Thad - Noel

if you have others you like better just put them in! (I stopped thinking after 10). I really like 2, 3, and 7.

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I would

I would Love












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Wiggins and Lavine

Wiggins and Lavine

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As much as I like his game,

As much as I like his game, if Zach LaVine comes out this year, that would be very foolish of him. I understand his potential and I see it in him as well, but he is nowhere near being ready for the NBA right now. He's had too many games scoring 4 or less points while still getting a lot of minutes those games and is incredibly raw. Don't get me wrong, he has mind blowing athleticism and even has a solid jumpshot but that does not make him ready for the NBA at this point. If this website allowed us to make 2015 mocks, I would have him #4 overall behind Jahlil, Cliff and Myles Turner.

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NBA Ready

I understand what you are saying, and agree that Lavine isn't close to ready, but look at the Sixers current roster.

There are only about 3 players that are ready for the NBA on the team right now. If Lavine were to come out and be drafted by the Sixers he would get lots of minutes to continue to develop.

He would likely start at the 2 next year and play 30 plus minutes a night. The team will stink regardless of who we pick so from the Sixers perspective picking a guy like Lavine would be fine. If Hinkie decided that Lavine had the highest ceiling of any player available when their second pick came around then he would surely take him.

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Clever way to mask yet

Clever way to mask yet another "Who should the Sixers draft" thread.

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In a loaded draft like this, you can get potential much lower down the draft than you usually would. I'd draft the following:

2nd: Andrew Wiggins: After his recent stellar play, may no longer be available, but he's the perfect fit.

11th: Zach LaVine: There are proven swing-men in this draft around this spot (Harris; Hood), but LaVine fits the back-court better, providing the shooting that MCW/Wroten lack. People are applauding the 76ers for getting Noel low in the draft and letting him sit for a season, I see something similar with LaVine. If he stayed a year he'd be top 6, so draft him now at 11, get him used to the NBA, playing D-League or 5-6 mins a game in the NBA for a season and unleash him during his sophomore year. Whilst he's a risk, I don't see any other potential all-stars outside the 10.

Early 2nd: Nik Stauskas / PJ Hairston: Both guys can play and will provide a good tandem for LaVine, taking the pressure off him in his first season and covering the 76ers incase LaVine flames-out. If both are gone, then Josef Nurkic looks a solid investment.

Late 2nds: A list of potentials. My favourite is Mitch McGary. I look at Len being drafted 5th this year and how McGary was a projected lottery pick and think that there's very little risk grabbing him in the 2nd, letting him rest up and seeing what he can do. If Nurkic was here, I'd probably take him ahead of McGary, but he's probably gone by that point.

Another international prospect would be Bogdanovic. Offers you versatility and if he doesn't progress, leave him in Europe.

Final possible pick would be Patric Young, purely as an enforcer and high character practice guy.

Line-up would be:

MCW / Wroten
LaVine / Stauskas or Hairston
Noel / McGary
Wiggins / Bogdanovic
Thad Young

Bring in someone like Cliff Alexander the following year and that is an incredibly strong foundation.

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I like the MCW/Lavine/Wiggins/Thad/Noel lineup the most out of the ones I've seen. That'd be an insanely athletic lineup and everyone but Noel could at least hit an open three. I could also definitely live with Harris, Hood, or Young instead of Lavine.

I'd add MCW/(free agent or pick)/(Wiggins or Parker)/(Randle, Vonleh, Gordon, Grant, or Saric)/Noel. Randle and Vonleh would require some luck with the (top-5 protected) Pelicans pick, but I don't think getting them with the Pelicans pick is completely implausible. I like Thad but I don't think it's a definite he'll stay in Philly long-term, and I don't think he's a good choice to play heavy minutes at small forward.

In any case, with so many players on rookie contracts, I hope the Sixers can make a strong play for a max free agent in the summers of 2015 or 2016.

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First round: Andrew Wiggins

First round: Andrew Wiggins and Montrezl Harrell

Second round: Nik Stauskas, Russ Smith, and Patric Young

Trade Thad Young for a solid wing player in Quincy Pondexter who can defend some and hit corner 3's, Tay Prince a versatile veteran on a 2014-2015 expiring contract who can help tutor Andrew Wiggins, plus a draft pick.

I would start Tony Wroten or at least give him a chance to start, while looking towards the 2015 draft for our starting shooting guard (Wayne Selden and Zach Lavine might stay).



SG Tony Wroten

SF Andrew Wiggins

PF Montrezl Harrell

C Nerlens Noel


PG Russ Smith

SG Nik Stauskas

SF Quincy Pondexter

SF Tayshaun Prince

PF/C Patric Young

Lots of potential in the starting lineup with a lot of length and athleticism. The bench features some nice balance with shooting on the wings. A little small inside but Patric Young could turn into a good third big man. It would help if Tay Prince could play some stretch four, which is possible.

This sets up the 2015 draft to go with a shooting guard (if Wroten is not the guy) or depth off the bench.

With this lineup you have 3 interchangeable guards with MCW, Wroten, and Russ Smith, with a primary wing in Andrew Wiggins with Quincy Pondexter being a solid backup. Then you have a long, athletic 3 big man rotation of Noel, Harrell, and Patric Young.

Prince is a glue guy off the bench who can provide veteran leadership/savvy and some playmaking skills.

To fill out the roster, I would go with veteran depth at point guard (Beno Udrih or someone), with some extra bigs who can shoot a little bit. Nothing fancy, just Money Ball guys who will fit the system. Might even take a flyer on Hamed Haddadi, a backup center with some skills and lots of size who works cheap.

Build this team around length, athleticism, power, speed, and defense with MCW and Wiggins being your main two guys with Harrell/Noel completing your four man core. Slashing and finishing are the offensive strengths of the starters with perimeter shooting being better off the bench. Russ Smith is your prototype instant offense 6th man combo guard off the bench.

You would obviously have to fill out the roster and wait, but the pieces are there.

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^^^ I would also look at


I would also look at undrafted rookies to maybe pick up an extra point guard. Aaron Craft could work as a great floor leader off the bench who can defend some. Or, Geron Johnson out of Memphis -- a solid athlete and defender who can handle the ball a bit. Geron and Russ Smith could be a nice little small ball combo off the bench.

... Beno Udrih or another veteran point guard to fill out the perimeter spots, with Hamed as a Money Ball center who can make plays for a few minutes here and there as long as he is within 5 feet of the basket. Then use your MLE or mini MLE on a stretch forward with 3 point range.

The stretch forward spot could be filled in next year's draft though, with the Sixers still projected to pick in the 5-10 range AT WORST.

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I feel that they are going to

I feel that they are going to have to fill at least one starter spot from free agency, but since this doesn't take that into account I'd go with:

MCW, Wiggins, McDermott, Thad, Noel.

I say McDermott because he gives them a consistent jump shooter, one thing they brutally lack.

They have Thad, but definitely need to bring in a veteran presence through free agency.

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If Wiggins can transition to

If Wiggins can transition to the 2, he and MCW would be one heck of a backcourt.

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Possible Sixers Roster Year

Would possibly look like... (POSSIBLE DRAFT PICKS)

PG-MCW/(Elfrid Payton, Shabazz Napier, Oliver Hanlan)

SG- Wroten/ Free Agent SG or (James Young, Gary Harris, Lamar Patterson)/ James Anderson

SF- (Wiggins, Parker, McDermott)/H. Thompson/ Free Agent SF

PF- Noel?/(Randle, Vonleh, Gordon, Harrell, Capela, Payne)/ Davies/ Moultrie,

C- Noel?/ (Embiid)/Sims/(Cauley-Stein)/ Mullen

Thad Young will be traded sometime in the offseason, most likely in the draft.

Wiggins, Embiid, or Parker with our top 3 pick.

Mid-Lottery Pick will be Vonleh, James Young, Gary Harris, Mc Dermott, Randle, Gordon.

If Philly select Embiid, Noel will slide to the PF spot. If we draft anyone else he'll start at the C.

With all the 2nd rd picks, Philly will take a upperclass PG, or Payton will drop.

Another possiblities are 2nd round picks.

Also wouldnt be surprised if we target a 3 pt shooter whether in the draft (McDermott, Stauskas) or target one in the free agency.

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