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Do the 76ers have a chance of grabbing some key free agents this year or next year?

Should they get rid of elton or iggy?

Will they get homecourt advantage for the playoffs next year for the first round?

Honestly my answers for all 3 of those questions is no. However i do hope they can improve their roster.

Could they bring over jr smith in a trade including iggy and maybe denver throws in a bird man anderson, a draft pick, or possibly wilson chandler.

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1) They have no cap room so unless Iggy or Brand are dumped for cheap salaries, no.

2) Yes, if anyone wants EB he can be had for a minimal return. His contract is just holding us back. I would not just give up Iggy but if there is a good offer (like a legit starting Center) then I take it.

3) No prolly not. Maybe 5th seed.

And as for your Nuggets idea, no thank you. We have a JR Smith minus all the baggage (Jodie Meeks) and Wilson Chandler does nothing to improve the team. Especially if he's replacing Iggy. I wouldn't mind grabbing Birdman thou if the price is right.

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1.) The 76ers can get some key role players, but that would mean trading away a bigger contract, which more than likely would be Elton Brand, considering they really like Iggy down in Philly, and they want to build a team around him and another key playmaker.

2.) If they want a shot at running for a long playoff run next year, they'd have to trade Brand. He's a solid player in their rotation, and it would hurt losing his defensive presence as well as his ability to score down low. However, he's not the answer to a championship run. Which is what they want. They need talent out of the draft and free angency, or this team will do no better than a 6th seed in the East.

3.) They will more than likely NOT get home court advantage next year. How they finished this year was brilliant, but the East has some solid teams at the top this year that will remain at the top. The Bulls, Heat, Celtics, and Magic are all probably going to be the top four seeds again next year. The 76ers have to contend with the new-look Knicks, Hawks, and even the Milwaukee Bucks, who with Brandon Jennings healthy, can be a solid 6 seed in the East.

Free agency and the draft will tell a lot about how a team will do next year. The 76ers need to bulk up, and I think they could be a decently good team.

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