4gb xbox 360 or 250gb xbox 360?

Whats up guys, just looking for some quick advice. My xbox 360 started freezing up on me a few weeks ago and it is broken now. I've never been a fan of PS3 cuz of the controls so I was looking to buy one of the newer xbox 360 slims. The only games I play (and OWN) are NBA 2k11 and Black Ops. I don't really download anything from xbox marketplace or put music on the system or anything like that but I may use Netflix once in a while. I play online sometimes for Black Ops with my friends but thats about it.

Anyways, which one do suggest getting based on my situation. The 4gb for $200 or the 250gb for $300? Also, did anyone hear that if you have a 4gb xbox, you cant play on live? Is that true cuz I've heard mixed things

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Definitely go for the 250 gb.

Definitely go for the 250 gb. You never know how much space you need or if you want to download a demo. Most of the demos I've seen on Xbox Marketplace are at least 1 gb. Plus I've heard that the Slim models have freezing problems.

You can play on Live with a Slim 360. Don't know what made whoever told you that you can't think that it can't be done. Then again, that might be the cause of freezing.

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Sine you said you only own

Sine you said you only own two games and don't download anything from the marketplace, I would suggest you buy the 4 gb version. Just saves you a lot of money.

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damn, its divided but I keep questioning that OJJ. If i stick to 4gb and then all of a sudden, I run outta memory, it might be too much of a hassell and might as well just go with a 250 gb. What Microsoft needs to do is make a 60 gb one or something in between.

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I would say buy one with a

I would say buy one with a bigger hard drive than 4gb...if u play Black Ops and 2K11 alot online then your gonna wanna install those games to your hard drive(there both probably bigger than 4gb a piece)... It puts less stress on your 360 when u run games from your hard drive and the loading times r reduced

Also somewhere down the line you might wanna buy map packs for Black Ops and 4 gigs isnt gonna cut it

if u do go the 4 gb route and u do need extra a space you could buy one of those 8 or 16 gb USB flash drives that plug into the front of your 360,but Microsoft over prices those

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Topping the list would be the

Topping the list would be the Los Angeles Lakers at $101.9 million, which will shrink once the roster is set at 15 or lower. The Cleveland Cavaliers are at the bottom with just $48.2 million in committed salary.

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