4 team trade

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4 team trade

Knicks-Sixers-Golden State-Houston

Knicks Receive: Kyle Lowry, Thadeus Young, Dorell Wright, and Houston's 16th pick
Sixers Receive: Amare and Kmart
Golden State Receive: Andre Iguodala
Houston Receives: Richard Jefferson and Golden State's 7th pick overall

Knicks: Well this is assuming they decide they can't win with the current Big 3. With Amare's back you don't know if he's ever going to be the player we're used to seeing. Also, they need a point guard. For Amare ("super star") you get a borderline all-star in Kyle Lowry, who made it public he doesn't get along with Kevin McHale. Plus, you get two solid roll players in Thadeus Young and Wright who are both still young. Wright can stretch the floor and give Melo some rest. Thadeus young can play pf (although he's probably more of a sf). Knicks line up would be Lowry-Fields-Melo-Young-Chandler. Also with Houston's 16th pick, they can draft a big to give them some depth up front.

Sixers: They want a super star and they need to let iguodala go. First they would need to amnesty Elton Brand. But they get Amare, who if healthy can be very good. Also you get kmart who can flat out shoot the rock. Sixers take on two "not so good" contracts but they also unload two (iguodala and brand). Their starting line up would be: Holliday-Kmart-Turner(or someone else but Turner can play sf)-Amare-Hawes. They'll probably draft a big. John Henson if he falls or someone like Terrence Jones could be nice.

Golden State: Gets to unload Richard Jefferson, Dorell Wright (who was the odd man out last season), and obtain Iguodala for the 7th pick. They already have young players in Curry and Thompson and Jeremy Tyler showing some signs of life last season. I don't think they need another rookie coming in. Plus, I don't think anyone Golden State wants (a sf) will fall to 7. There are rumors of 7th pick going to Chicago for Deng and Deng is better than Iggy but they unload Richard Jefferson's contract which is nice.
Starting line up would be: curry-thompson-iggy-lee-bogut.

Houston: They are rebuilding and Kyle Lowry wasn't so happy there. They take on Richard Jefferson's contract but they aren't going anywhere anyway. They could just amnesty him but he's a good locker room presence. Kmart isn't part of their future and with the 7th pick you get draft someone like Drummond (if for some reason he falls) or Damian Lillard. I personally like Terrence Ross at 7 and Henson at 14. Perry Jones or Meyers Leonard(if he falls) could be nice there too. If they resign Dragic and draft Ross their starting line up would be: Dragic-Ross-RJ/Perry Jones-Scola-Dalembert/Henson. They have budinger, parsons, morris, and lee (who a lot of team covet) who are young and need to develop.

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