30 team NBA Salary League

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30 team NBA Salary League

I used to post here fairly frequentley. I know most people here are more knowledgable than the average fantasy basketball player so thats why I decided to post. I run a 30 team NBA fantasy league that just finished it's 2nd season. We're going into the 2nd off-season and there are about 4 or 5 teams that need owners going into the off-season to draft for their team and sign free agents. It's all 30 NBA teams, but at this point few resemble their real life teams. Since we're 2 years deep we're pretty much on our own path at this point. We have a salary cap and other more detailed rules doing our best to resemble the NBA.

Common answers to common questions:

It's run on ESPN. 2 leagues each with 15 teams. Eastern and Western conference.

There is a forum that the league is based off of

8x8 category: Pts, Rebounds, 3PM, Blocks, Steals, Assists, FT%, FG%

You need to be active (duh)

If this vague information is enough to make you interested please post here and we can talk more. Ask questions if you have any. If not sorry for wasting your time.

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Hey, I'd be interested in

Hey, I'd be interested in your league. I was in one on ESPN but it will end soon. I'd like to do a keeper with a draft/trades/free agency etc.

How does it work off of a forum??

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I'm interested, too. I'd like to know more about it.

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