3-Way Trade: Pistons, T-Wolves, and Bucks

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3-Way Trade: Pistons, T-Wolves, and Bucks

Detroit Receives: Brandon Jennings, Corey Maggette

T-Wolves Receive: Ben Gordon, Austin Daye & 35th Overall Selection in 2011 Draft

Bucks Receive: Johnny Flyyn, Michael Beasley, & Anthony Tolliver

Why Detroit does Deal: Detroit will trade Rip or Ben Gordon next year as Stucky will be the starting SG next season. Brandon Jennings regressed last season and clashed with Skiles, Former DET Assistant GM, John Hammond, will look to trade Jennings this season and why not call his friend Joe D. The Pistons have to take back a horrible contract from the Bucks which is why they take on Maggette's or Salmons.. (Why I threw in the extra pick)

PG: Jennings SG: Stucky SF: Jerebko PF/C: Monroe/#8 Overall Selection

Bench: Bynum, Rip, Maggette, Summers, Maxxiel, Ben Wallace, Chris Wilcox

Why T-Wolves Make this Deal: They have a surplus of PG's with Rubio expected to come this season so Flynn is expendable.. They will have a hard time passing on Williams at #2 and I don't see them passing, with a frontcourt consisting of Beasley, Love and Williams; somebody has to go and that to me is Beasley. They need some experience and more scorers at the 2 position. Ben Gordon provides the spark off the bench as he is easily one of the best 6th men in the league and also receive a young prospect in Austin Daye who can play the 2 or 3 and also a high 2nd rounder where they can replace Tolliver in a guy like Keith Benson...

PG: Rubio SG:Wesley Johnson SF: Derrick Williams PF: Kevin Love C: Darko

Bench: Ridnour, BEN Gordon, Webster, Austin Daye, Randolph, Pekovic, #35 Selection

Why Bucks do this Trade: Brandon Jenning's Ego is too big for the Bucks and Coach Skiles plain and simple.. They will trade him this season. They are able to replace Brandon with another young PG in Flynn, while also getting another young asset in Beasley in a position of need at the 3 or 4. Brandon Jennings may be the face of the Franchise, but his tenure is over. They also get rid of one of their horrible contracts to go along with Redd's expiring contract.. Nice young core in Flynn, Burks, Beasly, and Bogut to build around with the 2nd most cap space behind Indiana.

PG: Flynn SG: #10 Overall Pick Alec Burks SF: Salmons PF: Beasley C: Bogut

Bench: Dooling, Douglas-Roberts, Delfino, Sanders, Goodon, and Tolliver

(They will replenish bench through Free Agency)

Each time gets a stronger a starting lineup and stronger team, for the present and future..

What do you guys think about this one?

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