3 team deal

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3 team deal

This trade would have to take place later in the summer after the Knicks find out if they were able to sign a top tier free agent. But the deal would be: Calderon (Tor to NYK)
Bellinelli (Tor to NYK)
Biedrins (GS to Tor)
Wright (GS to NYK)
Curry (NYK to GS)
Chandler (NYK to GS)
2nd rd pick (NYK to Tor)

The Knicks get a point guard that would thrive under D'Antoni due to his passing ability, high motor and knack for knocking down the 3 point shot. Also calderon's defensive liabilities will not be as big an issue as they are in Toronto. Bellinelli is another nice shooter for D'Antoni to work with. Wright is a decent shooting but frail PF who could be usefully to D'Antoni. The fact that both Bellinelli and Wright are on reasonable contracts do not hurt their cap space since the salaries are almost even.

The Raps get a defensive center to allow bargnani to slide over to the PF position and maximize his talent. Biedrins is exactly the type of center Bargnani should be paired with as he is a shot changer and physical defender not to mention one of the top rebounders in the league when he is healthy and consistent. Biedrins deal is similar to Calderon's but has an additional year. But that won't be a problem for the Raps as acquiring a defensive center for a PG who no longer fit their system is a plus.

The Warriors can continue the rebuilding around Stephon Curry, Ellis, Randolph and possibly Demarcus Cousins by adding Chandler to play SF. Eddy Curry could be used to acquire a player at the trade deadline or allowed to walk as a free agent to clear cap space. Biedrins doesn't fit Nelson's system as evidenced by his inclusion in Nelson's doghouse all season. Golden State would love to have cap space Eddy supplies especially if they have that young talented core as their starting lineup. The warriors should continue their rebuilding process by shedding Biedrins contract and continuing to acquire young talent.

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I like the trade for the most

I like the trade for the most part although I think the knicks would have to throw in another young player or draft pick to Golden State to make it reasonable for all sides. Or another possibility would be to take Curry out of the equation and have it be a sign and trade with Lee with all else being equal.

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