23rd pick?

I'd love to see Terrence Williams play for the Kings if he's available. He'd be a nice backup to kevin martin.

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He won't be

The bulls love him at 16. But yeah I would like that also. I am thinking Gani Lawal is a possibility, he brings us som toughness and he has a lot of potential plus we could use another big man in a rotation along with Hawes and JT.

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i think if rubio is not available at 4 i would look to trade down a few spots and draft a high-ceiling wingman to compliment martin and cisco. move either greene or nocioni in the deal then get a mid teens pick and take lawson hes a solid pg would doesnt turn the ball over and will be a pass first in the nba. my only concern is injuries

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23rd pick.....

I to love Terrence Williams, as well as Sam Young. T.W. will probably be gone, but Young should be there. Gani is staying in college.

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Trade back

The talent level at this point in the draft is so flat, that if someone will give the Kings anything to move back, they should do it. San Antonio & their 3 2nd rounders would get the pick or Portland & a couple of their 2nds maybe.

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if this is the 23rd pick

if this is the 23rd pick were talking about then i suggest we do this

We draft Rubio if he's available at 4 obviously
then with the 23rd pick, we package that and the 2nd round pick to move up into the top 15. Then we could pick up another big man lets say a Dejuan Blair if hes still there. Maybe that type of player, who can contribute to Thompson and Hawes next year off the bench...

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It would be great if Eric

It would be great if Eric Maynor or Ty Hansbrough fell down to 23 and we could get one of them. Maynor is a legit point guard who is an excellent shooter and I think Hanbrough can be like David Lee if Sac speeds up their system. Otherwise Sam Young or Darren Collison would be great. I don't want Rubio at 4, i'd rather have Holiday, Curry, Hill, Evans, or preferably Harden.

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