2016 USA Roster

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2016 USA Roster

Okay I know it's a little too early to project Team USA's roster based upon today's younger NBA players with potential and who are the top prospects as of right now but who would you project to be on Team USA's 12 man roster in the Rio Olympics?

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1.There is Talk that NBA

1.There is Talk that NBA Players wouldn't compete in the next Olympics..And if they do,it'll be in a Tournament of Americas Type of competition,where the players will get paid to play..

2.FIBA has mentioned it might enforce an Under 23 Age Limit....And if thats true,guys like Lebron & Durant wouldnt be allowed to play..And the guys the freshmen now like Shabazz Muhammed & Nerlens Noel will be tryout for spots on the team....

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This is my projected roster

This is my projected roster as of right now

Starting 5:

C Dwight Howard (Not sure if he still would have interest in playing in International competition by then but he should hands down still be the best center in the world 4 years from now)

F Kevin Durant (He's guaranteed to play unless an injury occurs)

F LeBron James (His interest in playing in his 4th olympics is also questionable but LeBron 4 years from now would be in his prime)

G Shabazz Muhammad (I already know from watching him play on TV the few times he has that will be guaranteed to be a superstar in the NBA and I'm putting him down as the next Kobe with his potential. His athleticism along with high IQ I haven't seen anything like him from a high school player since LeBron)

G Derrick Rose (From watching Team USA play already this summer it is proven that Derrick Rose is better than Chris Paul and Deron Williams as of right now and I don't project either of those two to be on the roster for the next olympics. Derrick Rose the youngest player to ever named MVP only might be in his prime in 2016)

Coming off the bench

Carmelo Anthony (We all know Carmelo loves playing in international competition. 4 years from now he may not be in his prime anymore but he for sure should still be a factor for Team USA)

Kevin Love (Kevin Love's game fits international competition well he only is playing limited minutes as on this olympic team because the loaded roster even though I think Coach K should have him out there more)

Demarcus Cousins/Nerlens Noel (Either Demarcus Cousins or Nerlens Noel should be the backup center for Team USA. Cousins remains questionable due to his immaturity but his potential level is outrageous and Nerlens Noel is also questionable because we don't know enough yet about his potential level. We all know about his shot unique shot blocking ability . He played very average on offense in the Nike Hoop Summit and the Jordan Brand Classic, I'm not gonna judge him off watching 2 games but Nerlens can play offense well with his post moves he just needs to really be coached and needs to post up on the block more)

Russell Westbrook (Westbrook always does good whenever Coach K plays him in his limited minutes on Team USA but he will be more valuable than Deron Williams in Chris Paul as a guard on Team USA 4 years from now)

Kyrie Irving (Right now is off to a great start with his NBA career and I could see him being Chris Paul or better by the time of the next olympics and it was reported that he did an outstanding job scrimmaging against Team USA as a member of the Select Team)

Anthony Davis (By far the youngest member of this year's olympic squad is still a long ways to go and was only selected to play for this team because there was nobody else to replace Blake Griffin with other than Demarcus Cousins who Team USA didn't want yet because of his maturity. Yeah everybody will say Anthony Davis will only be good at defense in the NBA as he still needs improvement with his post moves but you still have to think that 3 years ago he was a point guard and I do believe that Anthony Davis will be a good post up player by then along with his defensive ability)

James Harden/Michael Kidd Gilchrist/Bradley Beal (I think either James Harden, MKG or Bradley Beal should have that last wing position for Team USA. James Harden hasn't shown that much yet in International competition with his limited minutes but 4 years from now he's probably not gonna be the man coming off the bench anymore. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (I think MKG will end up being the best player from this year's draft class. MKG with his super explosive ability to get to the basket along with his Andre Iguodala like defense would be a great addition to Team USA, the only thing he should need improvement on is his outsite shot. Bradely Beal has already been proven to be a good fit for FIBA gameplay as he was the MVP of the 2010 U17 World Championships the only difference is that this will be the senior team instead of the U17 team. He would be that 3 point shooter to come off the bench Team USA has been needing as the rest of his game fits with FIBA gameplay. Any one of those 3 should be the backup shooting guard for Team USA in 2016)

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If I was on the board that chooses who's gonna be on that team I'm going to want all to be 26 at oldest.

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C: Kevin Love F: Kevin

C: Kevin Love

F: Kevin Durant

F: LeBron James

G: Derrick Rose

G: Russell Westbrook

6th: Carmelo Anthony

7th: Blake Griffin

8th: James Harden

9th: LaMarcus Aldridge

10th: Anthony Davis

11th: John Wall/Kyrie Irving

12th: Klay Thompson/Paul George

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There is Talk that NBA

There is Talk that NBA Players wouldn't compete in the next Olympics..And if they do,it'll be in a Tournament of Americas Type of competition,where the players will get paid to play..

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Darko in Green: The Boston

Darko in Green: The Boston Celtics have inked Darko Milicic to a one-year deal believed to be fully guaranteed at the minimum.

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