2014 Team USA U17

Malik Newman, Ivan Rabb, Josh Jackson, Diamond Stone, Harry Giles, Seventh Woods and Jayson Tatum probably will all make the team again, who else do you wanna see play in this summer's World Championships?

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I read that Giles should be

I read that Giles should be 100% by the time training camp starts in July

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Can I get the link on that? I'm really excited for Harry to come back. I want to see his progression coming back from an injury. I really hope he retains his athleticism. Dude's a freak already and he's way too young to be that athletic.

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Diamond Stone

I cannot wait to see this guy against real competition. I have watched him in high school the past three years (and they have won the championship all of those years) and it is just frustrating to see him surrounded by 2 or 3 6'4" guys who have half the talent he does. He is also keeping it very close to the vest as far as where he is going to college. I know he has appeared at a few Badger games and assume Marquette is out of the running with the coaching change (good luck with that Wojo), but find it hard to believe he will be at Wisconsin. Feeling like another Kentucky/Kansas/North Carolina/Duke kind of recruit.

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