2014 Lakers Fully Rebuilt

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2014 Lakers Fully Rebuilt

Kobe Bryant comes back but it still doesn't matter Lakers finish with the 2nd worst record in the Western Conference behind the Utah Jazz and the 4th worst record overall on pace with the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers.

2014 NBA Trade Deadline

-Lakers trade Steve Nash to the Toronto Raptors along with Robert Sacre for Kyle Lowry and Aaron Gray. Now every contract comes off the books in 2014 for the Lakers.

Phil Jackson joins the front office while Brian Shaw(fired in Denver or bought out) and Kurt Rambis take over the reigns as Head Coach and Asst. Head Coach

NBA Draft

Lakers have the #3 pick with Toronto at #1 and Boston at #2.

Raptors- Andrew Wiggins
Celtics- Jabari Parker

the Los Angeles Lakers select Joel Embiid Center Kansas. Embiid standing at 7 feet and a raw 250 pounds gives the Lakers their next true big man. He will be developed and groomed into stud.

in the 2nd Round the Lakers will purchase a pick and select Kyle Anderson G/F from UCLA. Anderson is a willing passer and he's got a ton of potential going forward. He wont be asked to do too much his first year except play D, move the ball and hit open shots.

Free Agency

60M(give or take in projected cap space not including the rookies)

Kobe Bryant- 3 years, 35M(11M in 2014)
Carmelo Anthony- 4 years, 85M(18M in 2014)

29M between Kobe and Carmelo give them their 1-2 punch. 31M left to go. Now I know you say why would Kobe take 35M and Melo sign for 15M less than he can get from them well both need to take pay cuts to build up this team)

Key role players

Patty Mills- Will start at Point Guard. He's under rated has learned from the best in Coach Pop. He will fit in great with this team and plays great D and can pass/score the ball. Contract- 4yrs/25M(4M in 2014

Alan Anderson- Solid Guard/Forward. He can shoot, plays good D and creates with the pass. Contract- 3yrs 10M(3M in 2014)

Patrick Patterson- Underrated NBA player and a great fit in the Lakers new offense. Sacramento has a choice I think they let him walk depending on the deal. Contract 5yrs/40M(6M in 2014)

Marcin Gortat- Another legit player needed for the team to flourish. They dont want to rely on Embiid year 1 and Gortat may finally want to decide where he plays basketball. Contract 5yrs/55M(9M in 2014)

After adding those 4 Free Agents the team still has 4 roster spots left to add depth pieces with only around 9M in salary

Each guy will split the remaining 9M around to join the Lakers

Kenyon Martin
Andre Miller
Jordan Hill
Jodie Meeks
Nate Robinson

2014-2015 Los Angeles Lakers

Head Coach- Brian Shaw
Asst. Head Coach- Kurt Rambis

C- Marcin Gortat/Joel Embiid/Jordan Hill
F- Patrick Patterson/Kenyon Martin
F- Carmelo Anthony/Alan Anderson/Kyle Anderson
G- Kobe Bryant/Jodie Meeks
G- Patty Mills/Nate Robinson/Andre Miller

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I honestly believe a team of

I honestly believe a team of Kobe and Carmelo will never work out. I'm sorry plus terrible pieces as well? And why would Patty be starting over the other two?

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Too many unlikely variables

Quite the Fantasy...

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I don't think it would matter

I don't think it would matter who you put next to Kobe and Melo as long as they play defence and no expect to shoot the ball, which is not what's going on here. This team would be pretty average considering the amount of money they'd be spending.

Patty and Nate are too small to start at PG. I love both of them and They'll stick in the league as sparkplug scorers off the bench but thats about it.

Also the contracts you're offering are HUGE, lol at Gortat getting 5/$55mil as a 30 year old. Smh

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Lol if the Lakers got the #3

Lol if the Lakers got the #3 pick it would most likely be Smart or Randle.....

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On which planet is Patty

On which planet is Patty Mills worth $25 million? I'm curious...because it certainly isn't Earth

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Lol, Nash for Lowry? You

Lol, Nash for Lowry? You think the Raptors want Nash THAT bad?

That's where I stopped reading.

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The draft part of this is the

The draft part of this is the best. If Kobe comes back, even not at 100%, the Lakers are not going to finish with the second worst record in the West. Not unless they trot out Kobe by himself each game and let him go 1 on 5. The only way they end up with the #3 pick is if the lottery gives them a Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown type gift.

And Joel Embiid will be a solid player for KU this year but I doubt he ends up in the Top 5. Julius Randle would have to be the pick there as he has the most potential and upside of anyone else not named Parker or Wiggins in this draft.

The free agent spending is also atrocious and would never happen. Kobe will probably command around $15 mil per.

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Okay, Lakers won't be that

Okay, Lakers won't be that bad (but will still probably have a shot at drafting Embiid as he's more of a late lotto prospect than a top of the lotto prospect), Denver won't be bad enough to fire their coach, Toronto wouldn't do that trade because it's stupid, Kyle Anderson probably shouldn't declare for the draft unless he's going to be a first rounder, the contracts are all ridiculous in their own way, and the players on your roster don't seem to fit together at all.

Other than that, it's perfect.

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So it seems that people have

So it seems that people have forgotten that Kobe has commented about never taking a pay cut. I think he still expects his next contract to net him over $30 million a year. Meaning the Lakers will have to convince people to give them better players through lopsided trades like they normally do.

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Double post...

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