2014 Dark Horses'

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2014 Dark Horses'

Not many college basketball fans knew about Victor Oladipo until he broke out in the 2012-2013 season. Who do you guys think can have a Victor Oladipo-esque season and be selected high in the 2014 draft? I would say a guy like Montrezl Harrell from (my hometown) Louisville. I have been hearing about Kendrick Perry from Youngstown State as well, but i don't think he has the potential.

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Keep the eye out for Roy

Keep the eye out for Roy Devyn Marble from Iowa, hes very versatile

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Anthony Drmic from Boise

Anthony Drmic from Boise State

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I really like dominic Artist

I really like dominic Artist from oregon, came in as a freshman played great looked very poised. Could see him going from undrafted to potentially the first round.

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Jerami Grant -

Jerami Grant - Syracuse
Ronnie Johnson - Purdue
Kellen Dunham - Butler
Sam Dekker - Wisconsin
Amile Jefferson - Duke
DSR - Georgetown

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Keep an eye on Rayvonte Rice.

Keep an eye on Rayvonte Rice. He's going to be the breakout star of the Big Ten next year. On an Illinois team searching for a go-to offensive option, he'll step in and fill that role. He had to sit out last season after transferring, but according to the coaching staff, he was consistently the team's best player in practice.

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Keep an eye out for Jordan

Keep an eye out for Jordan McRae from Tennessee. He started slow but averaged 19 ppg in the SEC and was named SECPOY by Bilas, Seth Davis and more. Long,bouncy shooting guard that has range and increased his defensive performance. Seems like a late 1st round guy at a position that has dwindled in the NBA the past decade or two. Only knock is he's 22.

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Using this site's 2014 mock

Using this site's 2014 mock as the norm...

-Payers who could make it-
Quinn Cook
Shabazz Napier
Nick Faust
Khem Birch
TJ Warren
Jordan Adams
Rasheed Sulaimon
Mike Moser
Joe Jackson
D'angelo Harrison
Jakkar Sampson
Bryce Cotton
Dez Wells

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I'm not sure he counts as a

I'm not sure he counts as a dark horse, but Jahii Carson is a projected second rounder from this site whom I believe could become a lottery pick. Obviously, he is very small, but his athleticism is unreal and he is a true PG. He knows how to run a team. He may not be a great shooter, but he should get better and he is a big time slasher. He was exceptionally productive last year and could be even better if he gets his jump shot more consistent.

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Jamil Wilson- Marquette looks

Jamil Wilson- Marquette looks to have possibly a Top 5-10 team in the nation and Top-scorer Vander Blue left, giving Wilson a big opportunity to step in. He's a bit of a tweener, could be a nice stretch 4, very athletic, has range out to the college three (36% last year) and showed solid post defense and shot blocking ability. They never really showcased him too much in the offense but this year should be a lot different, along with Gardner they have a pretty scary frontcourt.
I think he'll follow guys like Wade, Butler, Matthews and Novak and make it the league.

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