2013 UK Big Blue Madness

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2013 UK Big Blue Madness

A lot of events going on last night with the most anticipated likely being Big Blue Madness, with Kentucky taking the pre-season #1 in the Coaches Poll. Here are some highlights from last night's BBM:

Other Notes of interest:

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Julius Randle is a pro..he

Julius Randle is a pro..he has the body, speed, mind, and maturity to absolutely be a monster this season I don't know of any other big in college ball that could effectively guard him.

If Andrew Wiggins wants to go # 1 in the draft he has a lot of work to do to be on Randle's level.

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Randle will go down as the

Randle will go down as the best UK hybrid.

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I was pretty impressed by

I was pretty impressed by Derek Willis. Obviously I have never seen him play before with him not being a Top 100 player but he has an outside shot along with his athleticism. I don't think he will get much playing time this year but he will be a great player for the Wildcats down the road.

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MCHS Pride

Point guard at UK is on lockdown the next four years with Dominique Hawkins there. For a 3 star kid out of Richmond, he looked like he belonged and that'll go a long way for his career.

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