2013 NBA Draft Question Marks???

This has to be one the strangest drafts in recent memory, a lot of different views on prospects going around and more mystery as to who/what anyone wants or is thinking...Most consider it a weaker draft class in comparisson to previous years and with a potentially great class on the horizon it seems most Fans/Scouts/Gm's are already looking ahead. I want to quickly say I believe we are in a transtitional period in terms of the talent influx, very soon we won't be watching several of our favorite players like Kobe, Kidd, KG, Nash, Pierce, Allen, Duncan ect ect...There is still going to be a period of time where Lebron/KD/Rose and company OWN the league, but we are also set to watch the next generation of stars lay the foundation of their Hall of Fame careers...

Now with all that said, every draft produces talent every year and this draft will prove no different IMO but I have to admit I've got some serious questions/concerns about several prospects...I know I'm not alone on this so please let me know what's going on in your heads ...

I'll start it off...

1. Nerlens Noel??? I understand he had a solid season statistically at UK, but the team was a mess, he was still very raw offensively and then he tore his ACL...Despite all that though, his draft stock remains locked in the top 3 range. WHY???

2. Trey Burke??? Had an amazing year and improved greatly over last season, all while leading his team to a Championship very similar to Kemba Walker and is now almost a lock for the Top 10. Will he be better than Kemba at Pg??? Would Charlotte abandon one of their current core of Kemba/MKG and Biyombo and target Burke/Porter and Noel???

3. THE G/F??? With Ben, Bazz, Otto, Olapido, Dario, KCP, Archie G and company available, who's the best overall, who's got the most upside/potential to bust??? Too many questions to go around here...

4. The White American and International prospects??? Cody Zeller, Steven Adams, Alex Len, Rudy Gobert, Jeff Whitey, Dennis Schroder, Giannis Adektoubo, Dario Saric and company...Who's being underrated/overrated in this group, who are you terrified of taking out of this group, who are completly sold on??? Is Cody Zeller a legit starting Pf??? How long will a Team have to wait on Steven Adams??? Is Alex Len really worth a top 5 pick, hell even a top 10 pick??? Anyone else think Saric will be the best International player in the draft???

5. The Small School Sleeper...Steph Curry G Davidson, Damien Lilliard G Weber State, CJ McCollum Lehigh??? I can definitely see a trend developing where NBA teams are going to be more likely to draft the small school phenom than in previous years. Steph Curry and Damien Lilliard have paved the way for players like CJ, so how high can he go and can he be the hidden gem in this draft??? Any other small college star being slept on in this year's class???

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The only really clear answer, in my opinion...

...is #2. I really do think Trey is a better prospect than Kemba. Kemba is far, far quicker and more athletic than Trey. But Kemba is not nearly the true PG, distributor, and shooter that Trey is. Kemba also gets marks off for being more undersized (but not by much) than Trey, and for being a 2 trapped in a (small) 1's body.

That said, they shouldn't ditch Kemba to go after Trey. They have bigger needs pretty much everywhere, and they really just have to go BPA regardless of position.

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Another question I'll add

6) The injuries...what will all the injuries to top prospects (Noel, Len, Bennett, McCollum, etc.) do to their stock?

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Forgot to mention a few things

6. Kelly Olynyk Gonzaga F/C ??? Can he be a legit Starting Pf, who does he compare too and who would take between he and Cody Zeller???

7. Does anybody really believe all the Hype about Giannis Adektoubo??? Almost feels like the NBA scouting community saw some of Euroballer's threads about players from Greek leagues and decided to TROLL US ALL...Call me a Skeptic but Im a little afraid to call him a top 10 lock in this draft...But I will say that Nigerian born players are becoming a fixture in the NBA and I hope they keep up that trend, for all my skeptism I love Great International players and I hope we see a new group soon, Dirk, Pau, Tony Parker and company have to pass over the International torch to Marc Gasol and Ricky Rubio at some and it would great to see the emergence of a new Star player born abroad...If Giannis is one of those few that break out I'll be the 1st in line to say I was wrong, He has a some other Nigerian players to look to as a mentor, Iggy, Udoh and Mbah Moute are all great defenders and at worst Giannis could become a teams stopper at the Sf/Pf position...

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1. I would take Noel top

1. I would take Noel top three if you know your going to suck the following season and get another top pick. For example. If say the Kings draft him, they will still suck and say they get the #2 pick next year and draft Parker or Wiggins.

2. I don't like The Trey Burke/Kemba comparison. Trey is more of a PG then Kemba. Trey gets his teammates involved but knows when to take over, dude avg 7 assist a game.

3. tough one, I'm going with Bazz as upsize because dude has a motor and a good work ethic. But I like Otto and Ben as well.

4. None of them..

5. If Cj is in the right situation he can shine.

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Dario Saric

4.) In a draft with not much international talent , he is the most talented player, he has a good IQ , great size for SF, good court vision , and he can pass the ball. He just needs to get a little bit stronger and work on his shot but he is only 19 and if he keeps working he can become a solid player . His problem are turnovers, he tends to get careless with the ball.
1.) I think Noel is high because there are simply not much good bigs in the league , and he can become a ver good player if he works on his offensive game.

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Wait. Michigan won the

Wait. Michigan won the championship?

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