2013 NBA All-Rookie Teams announced

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2013 NBA All-Rookie Teams announced

1st Team

PG Damian Lillard (58 points, 29 first place votes)* lone unanimous selection

SG Bradley Beal (57, 28)

PF/C Anthony Davis (57, 28)

SG Dion Waiters (50, 21)

SF Harrison Barnes (47, 18)

2nd Team

C Andre Drummond (35, 10)

C Jonas Valanciunas (31, 6)

SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (29, 3)

SF Kyle Singler (17, 1)

C Tyler Zeller (15, 3)

Think there were any major snubs? Think that I would more than likely have Drummond on my first team, though he did miss quite a few games. Alexey Shved, Moe Harkless, Andrew Nicholson and possibly even Brian Roberts all were vying for 2nd Team spots. No huge oversights in my mind.

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sounds about right, besides 5

sounds about right, besides 5 years from now, nobody will remember or care, I promise you there will be players who aren't listed that will be better than Singler and Zeller.

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I don't think he got snubbed

I don't think he got snubbed out of making either of the teams, but I was surprised that John Henson didn't even receive a vote. He played really well this year, and statistically was better than a lot of guys that received votes.

The only borderline snub really is Barnes making 1st team over Drummond, but you can't really go wrong there.

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I tbought chris copeland

I tbought chris copeland deserves an honorary vote

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They got it for the most part

They got it right for the most part. Drummond could have easily mad 1st team but the 5 on first team played well this year as well. Maybe (MAYBE) I would swap Copeland or Shved with Singler but Its it what it is.

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second team

second team has a very high playmaking skill :-D

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Not that I think he deserves

Not that I think he deserves to be in there, but I think Jared Sullinger had a good rookie year before he got injured. He was the only consistent rebounder on the Celtics this year, and showed some flashes of being starter material in the league.

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