2013 Dunk Contest - Best ever??

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2013 Dunk Contest - Best ever??

They've announced the Dunk Contest format and participants. Its a two round East vs West, with the top scorer from each team facing off in the final round. The East is absolutely LOADED with Gerald Green, James White and Terrence Ross. The West features a big man-little man flavor with Jeremy Evans, Kenneth Faried, and Eric Bledsoe.

I think it comes down to White vs Bledsoe in the finals, but this is, in my opinion, the deepest dunk contest since Vince, Francis, and TMac shut it down in 2000.

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I'm not old enough to remember the 2000 contest, but I thought Griffin, McGee, Ibaka, and Derozan was pretty good in 2011. There's no way to know how good a contest will be before hand. THese guys may all be great dunkers, but you gotta have creativity to make it great.

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why do they have to make it

why do they have to make it east vs west . what if one side is fail and the other too good oh well

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I don't like this East vs

I don't like this East vs West thing. That means the two best dunkers in the contest won't meet up in the Finals.

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My thoughts exactly. Sad

My thoughts exactly. Sad times.

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Somehow the NBA manages to

Somehow the NBA manages to screw this up every year.

Remember when the birdman needed like to 100 tries to get a dunk cause they allowed almost infinite tries?

Why does the NBA always think that they need to reinvent the dunk contest so many times?

Bring in the best dunkers available and let them dunk. No toys, no teammates and please NO KIA!

East vs. West is idiotic.

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Its the

Its the NBA trying to spice it up by attempting to make it seem like this years will be different and you will see a whole different dunk contest. Its a lame attmept, just let the men DUNK

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James White needs to go with

James White needs to go with this dunk of the most ridiculous things I've seen on the court

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I agree about the East vs. West. I don't like it. But i think Bledsoe is going to have a good chance. If he can pull off a few crazy dunks the crowd will go ballistic. It just looks so much better when the smaller guys throw down. Sometimes the taller guys just make it look too easy.

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If James White still has the

If James White still has the same kind of springs he had a few years ago, I can't see anyone beating him.

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The dunk contest can't win.

The dunk contest can't win. It's too boring one minute, and when they change it up, people complain that they don't like the change.

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just let them dunk

Stop trying to control the show. NBA has ruined this event. Let them line up and throw it down. Judge who did it best.

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It could be the best dunk

It could be the best dunk contest if they got rid of props and gimmicks and didn't do this East v West bull.

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So the most dunks we'll get

So the most dunks we'll get out of any participant if they make it to the finals is 4?

What a waste!

The Fans want to see more then that out of these guys. With all the sitting and standing around its hard for guys to get warmed up.

I'd like to see a "warm up" session for 15 minutes where guys can randomly throw down dunks as they see fit. We could make it 20% of the first round score. Then each participant gets their 2 dunks which are worth 40% of the total each.

Afterwards its on to the finals where this process would be reversed. Make your 2 dunks for 80% and then 10 minutes of random dunking for the other 20%.

It gives more of a street feel to it... similar to when you and your friends would lineup around the 3 point line and take turns making your attempts.

The 20% ends up being very impactful and entertaining with unlimited dunks. You could grade on dunks made, degree of difficulty, variety etc.

I'd love to see this and I think most fans would too.

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the nba is trying to be

the nba is trying to be creative but its failing

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The DMV native James White

The DMV native James White will win easily

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