2013 Draft Bold Predictions

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2013 Draft Bold Predictions

Here are a few of my bold predictions for the 2013 draft........

1. Dennis Schroeder, Giannis Adetokunbo, Dario Saric, and Sergey Karasev all get selected in the lottery......

2. Glen Rice Jr., Erick Green, Allen Crabbe, and Brandon Davies all go somewhere between 22-30......

3. Livio Jean-Charles, Rudy Gobert, and Lucas Nogueira all go in the 1st round.......

4. Myck Kabongo, Shane Larkin, Reggie Bullock, Archie Goodwin all go in the 2nd round......

5. Adonis Thomas, Grant Jerrett, C.J. Leslie, and Phil Pressey all go undrafted......

6. Pierre Jackson, James Southerland, Lorenzo Brown, and Ricardo Ledo end up as 2nd round steals.....

7. And, with the 1st pick in the draft, the Orlando Magic select.......Trey Burke!

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Victor Oladipo Top 5

Victor Oladipo Top 5 pick

Mason Plumlee lock for Top 10

CJ McCollom goes to New Orleans if Burke goes Top 3

4 or more PGs drafted in the 1st Round

2 Foreigners go in the lottery

Jamaal Franklin goes in the lottery

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McLemore, Noel, Porter, went

McLemore, Noel, Porter, went 1 2 3.

Pistons will trade knight to move up. They will draft Trey Burke.

Blazers will trade 10th pick for a established center, (Jefferson, Varejao, Gortat?)

Wolters, Muscala went in first round.

Hardaway jr went in 2nd.

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Re: 2013 Draft Bold Predictions

These aren't that bold. Most of it's likely.

It is a really interesting international year. Dennis Schroeder, Giannis Adetokunbo, and Sergey Karasev are extremely interesting to me. They deserve the lottery this year. Someone has to explain Dario Saric to me. He's a horrible athlete, doesn't rebound at 6'10", and hasn't found his shot yet.

I'm pretty certain Archie Goodwin will get drafted in the 1st round by someone with patience.

Two other players I don't get:

1) Trey Burke- if he could jump he'd be amazing. He'll get crushed driving in the pros. I expect Brandon Knight numbers. Maybe slightly better. But as the 1st pick? God, no.

2) Otto Porter: not bad, but uninspiring. He's smart and works hard, but 90% of his work is done in or near the key. That's a problem since he can't jump at all and has zero strength.

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Porter may be skinny but he

Porter may be skinny but he has pretty good strength especially for a 3. He isn't going to wow you with benchpress numbers and vertical leap but basketball is played on the court. Kevin Durant only registered a 33 inch vertical leap at the combine. He couldn't even bench 185 one time and now he is without a doubt the second best player in the world. People get caught up too much in the measurables they forget the most important thing is if the guy can play basketball.

Otto Porter reminds me of Greg Monroe coming out of Georgetown from the sense that they are very low risk picks but because of that their ceilings are being questioned. Monroe ended up going 7th and has been without a doubt a top 3 player from the 2010 class behind Paul George and John Wall. Otto Porter is only 19 years old and went from being an unknown freshmen to player of the year candidate in two years. I watched quite a few of his games and it appeared that he was getting better on a nightly basis. You mentioned that 90% of his work is done near or around the key but last year 22% of his field goal attempts were 3 pointers. He shot 42% from the 3point line so while it is understandable to question his NBA range he can certainly shoot from the outside. He is also a very good finisher through contact. He makes it happen in the half court and in the open court on offense. He is also one of the most versatile defenders in this draft. If I would be an NBA GM there is no way I would let him slip past 3rd. He is the best combination of a player that can help you immediately and also develop into a great player in a few years.

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What do you mean if he could jump he'd be amazing? Of course it's unofficial, but I logged him as having a 36-38 inch max vertical by watching some of his tape.

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Trey Burke will go to the

Trey Burke will go to the Magic no matter where they will land.
Nerlen Noel goes to Phx
Ben McLemore will go to Cha
CJ McCollum will get selected before MCW.
MCW will slip to Dallas
Giannis Adetokoubo and Daric Saric will go in mid first round.
Mason Plumlee will go to OKC
Lorenzo Brown will go to either the Pacers, Utah, NYK, Lac in the first round.
Lal will try to get a first draft pick in the first round.
Cle will trade some of their draft picks to get good veteran players.
Alex Len and Anthony Bennett will slip a little in the draft
analysts will talking about the 2014 draft at least five times during the draft.

Either Trey Burke or Ben McLemore will be Rookie Of The Year.

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