2012 War Room Pistons

Okay with this pick (#9) im looking at Zeller, Leonard, and Moultrie to start but im open to look elsewhere. Let the discussions begin.

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i dont know if zeller would

i dont know if zeller would be a fit here, i know they need a big, but an athletic big to pair with monroe, would be nice with moultrie but its a high grab for him, if they are grabbing him, then i see them trading down and package villanueva's contract with it,

the white marcus camby (Meyers leonard) would also be great for this team, with his shotblocking and his length, complemented with Monroe finess, would be a good pairing, like a Dirk-Tyson two punch combo though not having dirk's smooth jumper

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Maybe a defensive guy like

Maybe a defensive guy like Henson to help out Greg Monroe? You can also go with a guys like Lamb if he drops that far

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In just one lockout-shortened

In just one lockout-shortened season, Coach Casey changed the culture in Toronto. Once one of the easiest teams to score and rebound against in the NBA, Casey’s Raptors rapidly evolved into a top-10 rebounding and defensive club. The next step is to build on last year’s efforts and create enough offensive punch to win some games and the changes to last season’s roster have gone a long way towards accomplishing those goals.

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