2012 redraft

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2012 redraft

Time for early redraft.Obviously it's to early to tell what players will be better and when they should have been drafted but this is a redraft just for fun. For this redraft its not picking for a team but just in what order you think they should get drafted in based on how good the player is and how good you think he will be.For example the if you where making the second pick for the Bobcats you would probably pick MKG again.BUT in this redraft this doesn't involve the team and don't have to worry about who you already have on that roster , so you could make the second pick being Damian Lillard and not have to worry about the teams best player being the same position as your draft pick like the Bobcats do with Kemba.

Do only the first 30 picks

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It will take me some time to

It will take me some time to do this but I think two trades should have went down that night: Charlotte trading their first round pick to washington(they still get MKG) for the 3rd pick and their second round pick( maybe a young big like Kevin Seraphin also). The wizards and cavs were competing for the 2nd pick to get Beal so they could've drove the price up high. Cleveland trading Anderson Varejao and the 24th pick to Golden State for the 7th pick. Now the way Andy has been playing the cavs will get something good for him but Harrison Barnes has flashed major star potential and would fill up their void at small forward pretty good. Plus he's an Ohio born guy

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Barnes was born in Iowa, not Ohio

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Lol my bad I'm thinking of

Lol my bad I'm thinking of Jared Sullinger

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The Kings were quite high on

The Kings were quite high on Isiah Thomas but now don't have a clear starting PG with Brooks starting.

Looking back Damien Lillard would have been a better pick for them.

Hornets should of taken JLamb over Austin Rivers

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Kendall Marshall should have

Kendall Marshall should have been drafted late in the 2nd round.

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Going to Try

1. A Davis - No comment needed
2. MKG- Young and already a proven star on one side of the ball
3. Lillard- It's a little man's game now with the handcheck rule
4. Beal- I put a high value on shooting (unless your like MKG)
5. Barnes- Athletic and smart. Will do better in an open NBA game then in Roy Williams terrible half court offense
6. Drummond- Already read that he is turning head with his effort level
7. T-Rob- no star power, but will be a reliable starter with no effort issues
8. Waiters- Natural scorer that will translate into the L
9. Leonard- Is 7 feet and athletic. I don't care if he has never touched a basketball. I'll take him and let the coaches turn him into something in 2-3 yrs
10. T Ross- Athletic AND has 3 pt range
11. J Lamb- He can play, but he always looks like he doesn't give a ^&%$
12. PJ III- Versatility. Taking a chance with his knees.
13. T Zeller- a 7 footer who runs the floor
14. A Rivers- Point, Shooting or Combo? I'm not sure, but he does have talent.
15. Mo Harkless- athletic wings are not a bad thing to stock up on (unless you pass on CP3 and DWill to get them... sorry Hawks)

Notable Absentees
J Henson- Mr. Glass Man is always hurt
K Marshall- Still believe his lack of athleticism AND shooting will hurt his great passing ability
Royce White- the logistics alone are a nightmare and he's already complaining to media

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I disagree with Beal over

I disagree with Beal over Waiters. You say you put high value in shooting but so far Waiters is shooting a better percentage while taking more shots. Also unlike Beal,Waiter can not only create shots for himself but he can also create for others. Not saying its a given Waiters will ultimately be the better player just saying so far he has been better.

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The jury is still out on a

The jury is still out on a lot of guys drafted in the first round so I'll limit my redraft to the lottery:

1 New Orleans: Anthony Davis, still a no-brainer.

2 Charlotte: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, already showing what he is capable of, the ultimate glue guy and a perfect fit for the Bobcats.

3 Washington: Brad Beal, has shown flashes of eventually becoming a top notch SG in the NBA, one of the youngest players in the league that is sure to get better when Wall returns.

4 Cleveland: Dion Waiters, seemed like a reach at the time but has lived up to his selection.

5 Sacramento: Damian Lillard, on pure talent he is possibly #2 but Washington and Cleveland don't need a PG. The Kings would love to pair him with Cousins.

6. Portland: Andre Drummond, the Blazers get their big man of the future here with the top PG off the board.

7 Golden State: Harrison Barnes, the best player available and at a position of need. Has shown some nice flashes so far this season.

8 Toronto: Terrence Ross, hasn't done much so far this year but the Raptors desired a SG, liked him all along and he's starting to show some flashes in the last couple weeks.

9 Detroit: Thomas Robinson, not the impact rookie I thought he would be but has shown promise, his hustle and rebounding ability have been evident in limited playing time.

10 New Orleans: Jeremy Lamb, Rivers appears to be in the doghouse, EG still can't stay healthy and Lamb showed potential in the preseason before getting buried on the Thunder depth chart.

11 Portland: Jeff Taylor, With their center already chosen the Blazers could go in a few directions here. One of my fave players in the draft, Taylor is showing a very versatile game and can contribute in a number of ways, especially on defense which is rare for a rook.

12 Rockets: Meyers Leonard, Omer Asik has played well but the Rockets have never been shy about grabbing the top talent available regardless of need.

13 Phoenix: Maurice Harkless, Harkless has played well for Orlando and is started to earn increased PT.

14. Milwaukee: Tyler Zeller, Sanders has played well but I'm sure the Bucks could use another big man. The original choice of John Henson is probably still fine as well but I feel Zeller compliments Larry Sanders a little bit better.

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Everyone is overlooking Jared Sullinger....he is playing great in 15-20 minutes per game for the Celtics...uncanny knack on the boards with a nice shooting touch

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1- Davis 2- Lillard 3-

1- Davis
2- Lillard
3- Drummond
4- Barnes
5- MKG

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looking forward for the future


but it's unfair for guys like Sully, Lamb, PJ3 or even Ross who had some nice games lately, with the freadom of Lillard they would put some numbers too and they have higher potential..

overall still waaaaay tooo early

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I would take Barnes or

I would take Barnes or Drummond over Waiters if I was the Cavs. Which is exactly what I said after the draft.

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I know Waiters has done

I know Waiters has done alright, but I still would have preferred if the Cavs had taken Barnes at 4. The team already had a go to scorer who can create in Irving. I don't understand why they took the risk on Waiters when Barnes has All Star potential and a much higher floor. Hopefully it works out for them though.

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Miles Plumlee

I have determined Miles Plumlee should not have been draft before Jae Crowder lol

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