2012 NBA Summer League Rookie Notes: Jared Sullinger (PF) - Boston Celtics

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2012 NBA Summer League Rookie Notes: Jared Sullinger (PF) - Boston Celtics

Jared Sullinger (Boston Celtics) -

Jared Sullinger slipping to Boston was one of the biggest stories during the 2012 NBA Draft. It was there, holding the 20th pick in the draft, where Boston selected the sophomore power forward from the University of Ohio State. So, with 2 games underneath his belt, how has he looked? Very good, but not great, just yet.

Sullinger still plays below the rims, and it is there that he leaves his shot to be blocked. This hasn't been as big of a problem as most people might has expected, as he has only been blocked a few times.

As far as offense goes, Sullinger has been agressive. He has put up a total of 24 shots during his first two summer league games. Now, as much as I like the way he has looked for his offense, he has been a little inconsistant thus far. However, his post game looks as fierce as ever, and he really knows how to work the low block. Sullinger has really looked to expand his range, taking 5 3-point jump shots during his first two games, connecting on 1 attempt. Now, I'm not sure how great of a perimeter jump shooter Sullinger will turn out to be, but from what I've seen, he has a good, clean stroke, and if he continue to work on that, he could really spread the floor for Boston, similar to what KG has been doing for the past 5 years.

Sullinger's rebounding is what really shocked me so far during the summer league. I know that he was a great rebounder in college, but his size was a bit of a concern for me with rebounding at the next level. However, he has been playing a lot bigger then he is, and using he strength to bang down low and fight for rebounds, and I'm amazed at the production he has shown as a rebounder.

Sullinger does have a lot of room for improvement as a defender though, as he has fallen for shot fakes, and he been outmuscled in the paint, every now and again. He's not very athletic or fast, so it makes it easier to shoot over him or drive around him for a quick bucket.

Overall analysis: So far, Jared Sullinger has the most buzz around him, and he has lived up to the hype. He has performed rather well, as he has looked for his shot and has came down with a great number of rebounds. He needs some work on the defensive side of the ball, but working behind someone like Kevin Garnett, I'm sure he will progress there nicely. Sullinger has looked nice so far this summer, and I believe he will end up becoming a big steal during this NBA Draft.

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