2012 NBA Draft: War Room

Who do you guys think is best with the 7th pick in the NBA draft? How about the 30th?

To get things started, I'm thinking Leonard/Lillard/PJ3 in that order if none of the consensus top 6 (Davis, Drummond, Beal, T-Rob, Barnes, MKG) fall. The 30th is harder since I have no idea who'd be available still, but some combination of Sully/Melo/Harkless/Wroten/Ezeli/Miller seems nice.

Thoughts? Discuss away.

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I think a SG would be nice

I think a SG would be nice and the fact that Klay is 6'7 helps him slide over to SF a bit easier. That said, Leonard would be a great choice for them as Andrew Bogut insurance.

GS can always take a shot and simply go with PJ3 though, that's always an option

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