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But wood's any in the mind know very clearly and see from the previous affair and moncler outlet want to walk in the east Xuan mainland north bound, deadly poison this thing has to defend to suffer from in future otherwise when the time comes once being poisoned, again want to refine the pure miracle drug has already canned hardly find out for night Yi, canning know, even if he can quickly refine a pure miracle drug at present, can refine six kinds of medicine grasses of pure miracle drug but being.

So wood any has been already decided and take at present sometimes six kinds of medicine grasses that refine pure miracle drug at the same time still have a lot and rather refine in this a moment one more a few pure miracle drugs defends a body, even if in the days to come in case that was poisoned, can also counteract poison with the pure miracle drug at any time.

Don't know isn't a wood any is too anxious, this refining pure miracle drug refined more than 40 times incredibly success ten times, is also say, wood any made pill to refine this time ten pure miracle drugs two pure miracle drugs plus to originally have he totally owns 12 pure miracle drugs at present.

However even if such wood any also has no the slightest low-spirited because 12 pure miracle drug feet have been enough meet expenses and wait until to see second diagram eldest brother and white three brother and sister in the house of time, he prepares to send the pure miracle drug to several 4 people and no matter how it is, say, several people often the year go out, on the body if preparing a few pure miracle drugs will work out a lot of problems.

The evening has been already gone to, at by this time, the voice of small rings out outside the hospital Young master wood, the his majesty has already invited you to go to pure heart Ge".

The words that hear small also are regarded as to thoroughly breath a sigh of relief in wood any heart, because what he knew it in heart knows, carrying the deadly poison in the body of princess Mu should be whole solutionses, otherwise carry a wood to ask a sky and then can't send moncler jackets outlet a person to invite him now, perhaps as a result be directly issue order to put~to death to kill hi.

No matter how it is say, at last once hid a to rob this time, after all a war is how terrible, wood any knows it in heart and leave to follow later on small rushes through into pure heart Ge together, the pure heart Ge is an empire the princess carry the abode of wood friendship, wood any successively and twice has ever been to, so is also a familiar light car road for the third time, soon arrive at to settle inside the heart Ge along with small.

Just stepped to go into pure heart Ge, a burst of and open cachinnation voice rang out, sees carry a wood to ask a sky one face laughter of say:"Your pure miracle drug is indeed as expected very efficacious the deadly poison in Ya Er Ti has been already solved, you say, want what bestow few persons to all promise you".

Sit at carry the wood asks a sky of is outlooking prettiest of young girl Charng-er's face sable cicada eye, expensive imperial concubine's mouth, Shih Tzu shape, the young girl is exactly the little princess of Long Teng's empire to carry the wood friendship, wood any discovers this dragon princess Teng's facial appearance completely can match in excellence nine tail demon fox, even once had it but all and.

"His majesty severity, can cure good princess' deadly poison in the body is my honor, as for praise, the his majesty looking at to some go", wood any isn't the simpleton, so good opportunity he how could and easily gives up again, if don't take advantage of an opportunity to get up a moncler vest for women also really let oneself down.

The words that hear an at present youth, carry a wood to ask a sky again the cachinnation get up and see from the laughter this dragon Teng empire emperor basically has no the slightest of vexation, say Is very good, not only have skill and still very intelligent, the few person really appreciates you you leave first in a couple of days few person from will summon you, when the time comes praise can't let you disappoint of

"Since it is so, that I took leave", have no again hesitate, immediately wood any leaves to settle heart Ge, he comes out already exactly two day, and still from the begonia evil claw under rush out of, wood any all doesn't know to return to how to face that beauty teacher.

Inside the pure heart Ge, carry the wood friendship although the deadly poison in the body has already been dropped by the pure miracle drug solution, can the facial expression is still pale and matchless, voice all have some have already annoyed nerveless ask a way:"Is the emperor of the father exactly it who that wants to deal with me

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