2010 non-BCS conference prospects

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2010 non-BCS conference prospects

The BCS is a term used for college football but it can apply to basketball as well. In this list no players from the big 6 conferences(Big East, ACC, Big 10, Pac 10, Big 12 and SEC) will be on. The best programs in this category are Memphis and Gonzaga but they may have an off year in 2009-10. Guys like Stephen Curry, Patrick Mills, Derrick Brown, and Austin Daye left early and were drafted this year. Teams like Butler, Siena, and Tulsa are looking to take the step forward this year. In this category I will also add the only top foreign prospect(Motiejunas). Since this category covers some of the lesser known schools players like Paul George and Larry Sanders may not get the exposure they deserve but they are serious draft prospects. Here are my top ten prospects outside the BCS conferences:

1. Donatas Motiejunas 7'0 PF Lithuania
2. Larry Sanders 6'9 PF Virginia Commonwealth
3. Jerome Jordan 7'1 C Tulsa
4. Paul George 6'7 SG/SF Fresno St.
5. Luke Babbitt 6'8 SF Nevada
6. Gordon Hayward 6'8 SF Butler
7. Edwin Ubiles 6'6 SG Siena
8. Ryan Thompson 6'6 SG Rider
9. Rodrick Flemings 6'6 SF Hawaii
10. Jonathan Tavernari 6'7 SF BYU

It's strange to see that Memphis doesn't have an NBA prospect on their roster like previous years. Chris Wright from Dayton,Osiris Eldrige from Illinois St., and Matt Bouldin from Gonzaga all have a shot of being drafted as well. This category covers about 200 teams so there are probably other players out there worth mentioning.

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Good Job: one team

will pass on Motiejunas cuz of the whole Euro bust's thing and this guy will make them regret it bad. Paul Geroge IMO should be # 2 on that list

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He looks like a smooth player out there. I really like him. He reminds me of a slightly smaller Earl Clark

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