2010 Draft

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2010 Draft

Who will be the best senior in the 2010 draft?

I think it will be DeSean Butler from WVU. He is a great scorer, average defender, good athletic ability. and a very high basketball IQ. Also, he will get better because his team is going to be better this year.


It could be Dexter Pitman from Texas. Huge body, nice abitlity to move for his size, kills the boards, and could develop a better mid-range game to play PF in the NBA. He also will be better because his team is going to be pretty good.

Any others to mention??

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S Robinson

Stanley Robinson out of UConn will be the Gerald Wallace of the next 10 years if he keeps developing on the curve he's on. He was the most consistent player on that squad and I read an article a few months ago that said he's already on the NBA's hot list radar for next year.

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Dexter Pittman

I love watching him play in Texas, BUT I doubt he will make a big impact in the NBA...
Reason being his stamina will be a HUGE problem, right now he only playing 15 minutes a game since he doenst have the stamina to play more minutes. Also he is a LARGE guy, and with the huge advantage over other NCAA players he will have to adjust his game quite drastically when he comes up to face NBA centers and power forwards who are his size if not bigger. Another negative against him is once again due to his size he is very slow on the defensive end, and as a result of this he picks up fouls very easily, at least 1 every 5 minutes as his stats show.

Even though I love him and his game at Texas, I highly doubt he will succeed in the NBA due to these setbacks...

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sherron collins

wouldnt be surprised if his stock rises during his senior year

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Top Seniors

Jarvis Varnado-Mississippi St.-Athletic Post Player,The best shot blocker in the country last year 4.7 BPG.But he is a little skinny 6'9 210. He needs to add muscle he has posts moves he could develop to be the type of player Tyrus Thomas should have been.

Tyler Smith-Tennessee-Do it all SF. recorded a thriple double last year, hes a good passer. Needs to work on his shooting to make his game go way up.

Jodie Meeks-Kentucky-With all of the other future stars on their team expect his PPG to go down. Can shoot the lights out I expect him to rise a little in the draft boards to at most an early second round-late first round pick.

Nic Wise-Arizona-Short but excelled in the tournement last year. His height will keep him from being drafted high. But new coach Sean Miller will depend on him to lead the team.

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